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Thread: Guide to Deluxe Warehouses

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    Default Guide to Deluxe Warehouses

    Guide to Deluxe Warehouses

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What happens to my population cap when I store Community buildings?
    A: Stored Community buildings do not count towards your cap. Only buildings that are currently placed in your city will add to your population cap.

    Q: What happens if I want to store a Community building that will lower my cap below my current population.
    A: You cannot do this, you will need to store/remove Residences first.

    Q: How many items can I store?
    A: Fully upgraded Deluxe Warehouses can store 24 items.

    Q: What kinds of items can I store?
    A: Businesses, Residences, Community Buildings, Decorations

    Q: What kinds of items can't I store?
    A: Buildings under construction; Neighbor Franchises; Franchise Headquarters; Storage Buildings; Crops,Water items: piers, docks, boats; Roads & Sidewalks; Original city signs (the ones that you start with).

    Q: Can I have more than one warehouse?
    A: No.

    Q: What happens when I store buildings that have been supplied or are ready to collect their payout?
    A: You lose any supplies or payouts when you store it, collect your payouts first!

    After you have placed your warehouse, you will unlock a new goal to upgrade your warehouse into a Deluxe Warehouse.

    Goal icon

    To complete this goal, you must do the following:
    • Have a warehouse that has been upgraded to 4 staff members.
    • Click on your Warehouse to upgrade it to a Deluxe version.
    • Store a Residence in your newly upgraded Deluxe Warehouse.

    *Note* When you store a building in your warehouse, it will lose all goods and payouts that it currently has. Collect from it first!

    Just to recap, click the Warehouse function in the tools menu to enter storage mode.

    An easy way to know what you can and can't store is this: Items that cannot be stored will not be highlighted when you hover over them in storage mode

    Deluxe Warehouses can store the following building types:
    • Businesses
    • Residences
    • Community Buildings
    • Decorations

    *Remember* Stored buildings will lose all goods and payouts, collect first!

    Things you can not store:
    • Buildings under construction
    • Neighbor Franchises
    • Franchise Headquarters
    • Storage Buildings
    • Crops
    • Water items: piers, docks, boats
    • Roads & Sidewalks
    • Original city signs (the ones that you start with)

    The Deluxe Warehouse cannot be stored. A fully upgraded Deluxe Warehouse can store a maximum of 24 items! Wow!

    Ready? Set! Build!

    -Gary Gardener

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    Guide: Upgrading Your Deluxe Warehouse

    Once you have your Deluxe Warehouse complete, you can upgrade it!
    The More Storage Quest will be indicated by this icon.
    (Note: You will have a limited time to complete your upgrades)

    Use your "Show Me" Icon on quest to locate your Deluxe Warehouse.

    Click on your Warehouse to open. Select Upgrade!

    Collect parts by requesting help from your friends. You may bypass neighbor help by purchasing parts with City Cash. Once you have collected all parts for this upgrade, select Finish Building.

    Congrats! You've just completed your first upgrade. You will be given the opportunity to upgrade again!
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