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Thread: Release Notes Feedback 3/14/11

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    Great Update! Keep up the good work!

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    Like Zukin, your efforts are nice with the daily bonus change but doesn't change the fact there is still unfair play here. Nothing will balance the game. It's not like every player has access will never know what level I am on except my neighbors.

    Who am I competing against? I thought it was a game of creativity and fun.

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    I didn't mind the puppy...but was a bit pointless, I mean at least change the animal or something. But it is cityville so I don't mind that it is gone and YAY no more popups.

    I am glad that the daily bonus had changed to energy, and it is good it isnt effected by the energy bar...but I think you could have been more generous in "rewarding us" for our dedication to your game, especially with the lastest outrageous scandel you have pulled with limiting our inventory energy!!!... Either more substantial energy gifts or even maybe a permenent raise in energy bar would have been waaaaay better in my opinion. But still I guess it is something... I'll take that, since all you have done is made things so much worse with the last few "updates"...maybe you should change it to "downgrades" etc where applicable. "game balance" what a joke! everyone knows it is all about the $$

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    Replaced Coins with Energy for Daily Bonus Reward. The Daily Bonus energy will be added automatically and will not be affected by energy bar cap.

    * Day 1 - 1 Energy
    * Day 2 - 2 Energy
    * Day 3 - 3 Energy
    * Day 4 - 4 Energy
    * Day 5 - 5 Energy

    Note: You will still have the same chance to win the Penthouse Tower on the 5th day and your Daily Bonus will continue to reset every 5 Days.

    Really, 15 energy for 5 days. Someone needs to go back to drawing board and rethink this. This doesn't help us at all too much. Just another building i can collect from. Everything we do requires energy. I have 100 gifts i can't accept at the moment.

    My Suggestion to help bring people back.

    * Day 1 - 10 Energy + coins
    * Day 2 - 20 Energy + coins
    * Day 3 - 30 Energy + coins
    * Day 4 - 60 Energy + coins
    * Day 5 - 120 Energy + coins
    Players can receive the coins and energy to encourage daily playing. The new rewards does nothing to encourage the play daily and receive rewards,
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    Great Job.. There are a few annoying bugs....I am sure you will work them out. The St Pats challenge where everyone had to water neighbor crops was great! More Challenges with having to visit neighbors would be nice. I never see half my neighbors! I saw a lot more traffic....loved it. The energy enhancements are good. One small thing I would like to see is if you have more than 35 friends and you visit them everyday; it would be nice to be able to collect the energy from ALL OF THEM. Not be cut off after 35, it takes me over an hour to collect all my neighbors. I appreciate all the work that has gone into this great game. Lower the expansion cost! I have to decide between expansion to an over packed city.... or the two condos that cost as much as two expansions to meet the mission! There was no place to even put one condo.....It was not a great reward to give anyone who got a millions coins! I thought maybe I would be getting a free expansion not more things to put in the game that I also had to spend energy to build! Maybe not charging energy to build the prizes we win would be a good idea! If they are inventory gifts they should be free! Besides all this great job. I am sure you will get it worked out eventually where you are not getting brow beaten! I know rules change...even in mid game. People do need to remember that is does say "Beta," so there will be changes. We have to deal with them!

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    That infernal puppy is gone Hallelujah!!! a little extra energy, thats cool too.

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    should be 10 to 50 energy if you ask me just my 2 cents..
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    They need to get rid of the really low energy limits before I will come back period. 1-5 extra energy a day DOES NOTHING when I have over 50 businesses, several houses and tons of ship and farmland. I needed a bunch of goods to stock my stores. (well not any more) You really need to change that back or make it a little more reasonable.

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    wow, 5 energy, how about you fix the Community buildings, I had 30, they normally would drop 30-50 energy, now they drop 15-30!

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    it would be nice if you take away the cap on the energy that can be sent to you 15 3 pt energy is all you can have a one time that isnt fair if your friends want to send you 3 pt energy you should be able to keep them all and not lose them. also can you please fix the thief issue after you click on it the game loses connection to the game.

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