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Thread: Release Notes Feedback 3/11/11

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    I also reached the 15 stupid limit.
    I received +3 energy and recieved this:

    Csilla M. sent:
    Here is +3 Energy to help you out! Maximum number already in your inventory!

    Off course the energy dissappeard and ain't added to my current energy...

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    Still not good enough. I guess I can focus my efforts on other games now. Its really sad as I enjoyed this game immensely.
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    Am I the only one here noticed that this is a step backwards, another limitation on energy use, rather than improvement?

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    With the recent events in Cityville, I think people will doubt every announcement made. First the spring bungalow that was announced to cost 4000 coins but changed to 9000, then the changes to the cabbage. They must gain back the trust of their players now. I really want to help the victims in Japan but if it's via these sweet potatoes, na ah, no thanks.

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    But Previously it was not like that...I keeps on visiting my neighbor n the energy goes upto 70~75 but from few days it not going above 30 n now u r saying we have incresed the cap limit WTF!

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    N About ur Cabbage I have planted for 440 or something goods but I got only 114 when harvested....whats this ????
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    Because of these changes you limit our gameplay to about like 10 minutes before you have to wait like 30 x 5 min to do something again. And yeah, i like to have all that much because if gives greater bonus collecting much at once. If you don´t want people to lvl up too fast which probably is the reason for this nonsense, then make each lvl need more xp, but DO NOT set a cap on how much time per day one can play.
    Try asking the users beforehand about things you want to change and let them give a proper response. A simple poll or w/e would suffice, atleast on the big issues.
    Find another solution on how to stop the rapid lvling and give back some playtime. Improvements is usually for the better, but not in this case..

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    I was playing COD the other day and was only allowed to shoot 30 bullets before I had to wait a couple of hours for them to be replenished. So I tried Mario and I was only allowed to play for 15 jumps before I ran out of jumps so I put that down. I'll not play those games again.

    Get my point?

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    Default Zynga, please listen to us........

    Zynga, please listen to the players, the energy limit is crazy, no one is sending energy anymore as a gift, we dont have enough energy to do much to our cities, you are just going to drive people away from this game, having joined right from the start and got up to level 71, i have enjoyed the game, but with the recent changes, i am on the point of giving up. But i am going to give a little more time, see if you do change some of the points everyone is mentioning...
    I have a few more points i would like to mention too
    1) When neighbours visit and harvest our crops, a lot of the time, they all seem to go for the same spot and we dont get anything from the same bit of land that has already been harvested, so we are losing out.
    2) the price of land is far too high for the amount of land we are getting, why cant we have different sizes of land available at reasonably priced land, i dont know why you changed it from the zoning permits, i would rather have to collect them , you could have it set at zoning permits required to what level your on e.g. 70 permits for level 70 and so on, and pay say 50,000 for 12x12, and 100,000 for 24x12.
    3) when i collected from the visitor centre today, i did get 3 lightning bolts, but when i clicked on the coins, i did not get money, it took energy to collect them, so you gave me extra energy and then took it away, what is going on!!
    there are lots of other great ideas mentioned on this forum regarding energy, so please think about it, before you destroy the game for many

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    Not good enough, Zynga.

    Not even close.

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