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Thread: Note From the CityVille Team

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    Default Note From the CityVille Team

    Hey Citizens!

    Once again we'd like to thank you for your continued support. The game continues to evolve and with your valuable feedback and enthusiasm it can only get better!

    Soon we will be releasing new features and goals, in addition we continue to work to resolve issues that have arisen.

    We'd like everyone to know that we've heard your feedback about issues you have experienced with the game, and we take your feedback very seriously. We are working to resolve these as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    It is our goal to continue improving the game to ensure a robust player experience. One of the many things we're working on is game balance, and we have some changes coming that will improve and enrich your experience in the long run.

    A few things to come:

    • Active Buildings: How does that work? Check out the new Visitor Center. That is the first of many Active Buildings to come.
    • Factories: Zero-emissions. They will produce... Wait and see!
    • Retail Themed Quests, Buildings and Decorations!
    • Various bug fixes: Smoothing out a few rough edges.

    A few notes on your feedback:

    • Expansion Cost increases have been implemented for game balance and fair play. In the long run we are confident this will benefit our community. Use the plots you have to design, decorate, collect, harvest, and when you’re ready, Expand! The point of CityVille is to have fun while you build the city of your dreams and balancing game play is an important part of that.
    • Renaming your city or businesses- This is still on our radar!
    • A bridge over the river: Coming soon! We want to make it as fun as possible!
    • New Franchise System and Feature: Perfecting our recipe for fun and efficiency!

    The CityVille Team is dedicated to our players. Our philosophy is to provide the best player experience for you.

    We will be posting updates on feature improvements and fixes, and we hope that you will be as excited as we are with the progress of the game . We encourage you to let us know how you feel! The best way to accomplish that is to give us constructive feedback to help us prioritize.

    Keep sending your input, requests, and ideas; we feed off of your enthusiasm!

    Once again, we would like to thank our community on behalf of Zynga and the entire CityVille Team for your continued support.

    Happy Building,

    Mayor Max and the CityVille Team
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