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Thread: Update on Holiday Trees

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    Default Update on Holiday Trees

    Hello Citizens,

    As some of you may have already noticed, with last night's release your Holiday Trees became fully grown and lit; even if you have not yet finished your Holiday Tree quests.

    Here is some more info about the Holiday Tree and some great news for those who do not currently have one.

    First, You have until 9pm PST tonight, January 7th (05:00 GMT, January 8th), to finish gifting holiday presents! After that time presents cannot be gifted or accepted.

    Now, a few notes on what will happen with the Holiday Tree.

    • You will be reminded to open your presents if you have a Holiday Tree and presents.
    • Holiday Tree goals will be removed at 9pm PST.
    • At 9pm PST, everyone who does not have a tree, for whatever reason, will be able to find one in their inventory. Once placed it will be fully grown and lit.
    • You will be able to open your presents for as long as you have them; so if you currently have presents and do not have a tree you will be able to open them once you receive the tree.
    • Neither the tree nor the presents will be removed for you, so you have as much time as you need to open your presents then either remove the tree or keep it.

    We hope this helps you with your Holiday Tree and presents in your inventory.

    Please note that more inventory changes are on their way to satisfy more inventory needs.

    Happy Holidays and Happy Building,

    Mayor Max
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