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Thread: How to be a good CityVille friend. Or at least from my point of view...

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    Default How to be a good CityVille friend. Or at least from my point of view...

    Hello all...

    I have lots of friends and most of them just come and send buses, collect those hearts and coins and move on to next in their list. That is how you help yourself, not me. So, to help each other, i decided to make this message for all my CityVille friends. For those that already do what I'll write bellow, I truly THANK YOU!

    And for any... grammar/writting mistakes I may do, sorry, but english i learned from internet chatting, is not my native language.

    As you know, each time you make something on the friend's village, you receive hearts and coins/goods. They are in the same amount no matter what you do on the village: 25 coins and/or 15 goods, for each visit-energy. So, don't you think that is better to make something that we'll truly help the other one too, not only yourself? I think is better to consider this. For all those buses, you need goods and without someone helping make more goods, those buses are useless and not really helpful. I understand when you need to send them cause is a game mission, but in other cases... why buses?!

    Because of the mission ANIMLA FARM, I have to complete the wheat collection. For that I planted wheat for days now and that slows my goods production a lot. If you just drop some tourist from buses, you aren't helping me at all. I haven't goods for those businesses so all is for nothing. It just give me an headache.

    What I need in my city is to:

    - revive/water/harvest my crops. (especially to those that takes longer to grow, like peas, wheat, pumpinks or corn)

    - salvage/guide/empty my boats (guide especially those that last longer to arrive like Dubai and empty those that are closer like New York, for them to not vanish)
    - build levels to unfinished buildings (it takes too long to a level to build and the bonus bar is gone until it is buid)

    What i do NOT need is to:

    - send buses
    - collect houses/community buildings

    Gifts, requests and wishlist
    When someone is sending you a +3 energy, when you return the gift, the game only send +1 energy which is not really fair. You can pass around that and do not send return gift, but go to "free gifts" and choose a +3 energy and send back to the gifter.

    There are friends that make requests like "Present" or "Endorsement" and the game gives the sender coins and not those items as reward (another unfair thing). To help your friends, you should take less "bonuses" that the game give (only a limited number of coins & XP & goods you can take per day) and help them by sending those items. You receive your most-wanted coins, but in the meantime you hep others as well.

    When you look at your friends wishlist and see he needs "Permits", you think for yourself: "I cant send him that, I need those too". You do not have to send from your inventory. You can send them using "Free Gifts" options. This way, they (should) send one back and both of you receive one.

    Maybe I do not know to play well this game, but I would like to enjoy more if I got more help from my friends. Thank you.

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    I think the same... buses give me 1 xp and 6 or 7 coins...

    I'm in the same mission of wheat collection!!! today will be like de 8th day without find 1 item of the collection

    PD: english isn't my native language as you can see xD

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    First of all, if you're going to plant crops, you need to check in with your city often to make sure that they don't wither. That's the reason I like to plant high-yield crops that take more than one day to grow. But don't rely on your neighbors to take care of your plant for you. A withered field just tells me that the owner doesn't care enough about his or her game to log in regularly, and I get no coins or goods for reviving plants, just reputation (if I remember correctly).

    I always go and harvest crops when I'm really low on goods and the neighbor has plenty. And I try to harvest the ones I know will wither the fastest.

    Secondly, do not turn your nose up at those people who are kind enough to collect rents for you. They're not only making you money, but they're saving you energy while they're doing it. As for the ships; some people may be hesitant to do anything with them since there are some quests involving ships that will not count the ship if the neighbor clicks on it instead of the player.

    The last time I looked, the people who can collect from community buildings are the ones who own the city, but even if your neighbors could collect, again, they're doing you a favor by saving you from spending energy on harvesting those buildings for coins. I agree with you though that the busloads of tourists can be annoying, but they are good for business.

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    as long as you do not collect from your businesses you will not need to use goods to restock...i leave all my businesses alone for my neighbors to collect from and i get the cash from it as well. my goods are always at the max at 720 and i dont need any storage to do it. i have about 20 harvesting plots for my neighbors that need goods and i only plant strawberries cuz they dont wither...i dont harvest them either, but i do replant if someone takes from it. for my neighbors to collect from my buildings is a blessing cuz i dont have to use my energy to do it...and i always have an overstock of energy do to what i get when neighbors collect from businesses and what i get from visiting neighbors.

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    Actually you have a point as to sending neighbours +3 energy. Which I do unless they tell me what they need. All I get is +1 even after asking and saying please and thank you can you send me +3 back.....some of my neighbours do harvest my crops as I do where I can as I always need goods.

    Its always good to have a good moan plus you never know someone might read your post and think 'oh right I didn't know that'

    What gets my goat is neighbours who send me say a coat and know full well that I have completed that task.......Grrrrrrrrr!

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    I just take the attitude that whatever my neighbours do helps me. Tour buses give me coins and collectables from businesses whether they're restocked or not.

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    If you were my neighbour i would give you the boot. I personally don't mind what my neighbours do on my town. Many collect from my houses, which i don't mind at all, because i will not waste energy on them collecting small bonuses.

    But if you want more neighbours to work your crops plant where they land in your city. Many tend to do something close where they pop up in your city.
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    While I can agree with you about the gifting etiquette and the +3 energy only allowing you to gift back +1, I personally don't really care what my neighbors do to help, and anything is appreciated. For the most part, mine seem to stick with collecting rents on fast-earning homes, salvaging or collecting/guiding ships, and mostly harvesting or watering/reviving my crops. There still are a few that do tour buses, but I see those tasks as true bonus earnings for me, since I can't send a darn tour bus to my own shops Besides, I never seem to have enough energy to take care of everything in one game session, to boot. 30 energy goes fast and builds slowly! But I gift +3 energy one day to 60 people and Zoning Permits the next day, to 60 different people, and then vice-versa.

    The one and only thing I really cannot stand, is when neighbors INSIST on posting "send me a collectible" requests to the news feed with Zoning Permits (and other non-expand/build collectibles) in their wish list. For those who may not know, it takes from YOUR inventory when you click on them. I've mentioned politely to neighbors who do this, and even though *I* know better not to send a friend a permit from my own inventory, it's shady to me (or just lazy/ignorant) when some of these people continue to do it after they find out it's not nice or the best way, since *everyone* (not just them) will forever need these things as long as they play the game.

    The best way to ask for permits and other needed building/expanding items, is to click on the task requiring the item (i.e., Build > Expand) and if you don't have the number of items required to meet the task, there's a pop up window that comes up which gives you the option to ask friends via news feed post, and whoever clicks on the post will get one right back. OR, better yet, gift your friends/neighbors a permit, you can send up to 60 per day (or whatever time period CV considers a day) and people tend to gift one right back to you if they accept within the in-game requests window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bwoodzy View Post
    The one and only thing I really cannot stand, is when neighbors INSIST on posting "send me a collectible" requests to the news feed with Zoning Permits (and other non-expand/build collectibles) in their wish list. For those who may not know, it takes from YOUR inventory when you click on them.
    I end up with far more zoning permits and building stuff (seals, gold bars etc) than I'll ever need. I often post a FB message asking people to put these things on their wishlist and post the wishlist so I can get rid of some. I know we can go to the neighbours page and see wishlists there but the lag is horrendous for me and it can take over 5 minutes just to send one item to one person. Getting to a wishlist via a FB feed is much easier for me.

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    I'd say your lucky. I don't have any neighbors who seem to play this game at all! They're all on other games and don't visit or take care of their own city. I'm level 41 and have only been playing about 3 weeks. I tend my own crops and used expansions to get four piers. Just keep rotating your times for goods to arrive and you should be able to restock your businesses with ease and a little planning. ENJOY having neighbors who actually help in any way I love the game and plan on playing until my neighbors finally come around to playing cityville!

    Thanks Spir27!

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