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Thread: Winter Holiday Decorating Contest!

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    Default Winter Holiday Decorating Contest!

    The FarmVille team has seen some pretty creative farms popping up since the release of our Limited Edition Winter Holiday items.

    We figure it’s only fair that the jolliest Farms get the recognition they deserve.

    This holiday season we want to see your farms at their merriest! Submit photos of your winter themed farms from Dec. 16th - Dec. 31st for a chance to win 500 Farm Cash and 500,000 coins in our Winter Holiday Decorating Contest!

    The winning Farms will also be featured on FarmVille’s Fan Page!

    Happy Holidays!


    • The FarmVille team will be selecting our top 10 favorite Winter Holiday Themed Farms on the 31st of December.
    • No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed. And yes, we can tell.
    • No flaming or insulting pictures that other players have posted.
    • Posting will end at 6 pm on December 31st.
    • We will announce the top 10 winners on January 3rd.
    • Make sure you are creative! The FarmVille team will be judging the pictures based off of originality, effort and presentation.



    • Please refrain from creating images on your farm that are Copyrighted. If you choose to depict a copyrighted image, you will not be selected as one of our winners.
    • Please keep your entries Rated G! We cannot publicly display graphic or inappropriate content on our loading screen, so if you wish to be a winner, keep it clean!
    • No inappropriate content is allowed in the photos. (The forum rules still apply)
    • The photos must show your entire Farm, within reason. We do not want a zoomed in picture of one or two decorations, show us as much farm as you can!
    • The picture must be original. No going and getting an image off of the internet.
    • Your entry must be an image of your Farm. No posting images of your friends or neighbors farms.
    • If you are selected as one of our winners, you must provide us with your Facebook User ID. These user ID’s can be sent to Lexilicious via Forum PM. (Please do not send your User ID number to me unless you are selected as a winner!)
    • Do NOT post your Facebook User ID on the forums. Entries that are sent to any members of the FarmVille team via PM or email will not be considered valid.
    • No spamming of the thread is allowed. This includes any content that is not relevant to the Decorating Contest.
    • One entry per person. Choose wisely! (This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.)


    The 10 winners of the contest will receive

    • 500 Farm Cash
    • 500,000 Coins

    Image Posting Tutorial:

    For those of you how may not be familiar with how to use the forums, I have created a quick tutorial on how to post an image to the forums.

    1. Take your photo.
    2. Upload your photo to your computer, and save it.
    3. Next, your image needs to be hosted. Go to (Don’t worry, it’s free!)
    4. Click on the “Browse” button.
    5. Select the image you wish to upload from your computer.
    6. Check the box next to the “Resize image?” option.
    7. From the pull down menu, select “800 x 600 ”.
    8. Click “Start Upload”
    9. Once the image is uploaded, copy the “Direct Link”.
    10. Open up the FarmVille forums, and click “Post Reply” In the official Event thread.
    11. Click on the button that looks like a picture. (See the highlighted red section in the image below)
    12. Paste the “Direct Link” URL you copied earlier into the pop-up that appears.
    13. Click “submit reply”.
    14. That’s it! You should see your image posted in the thread.

    Please remember that this is only one of many free image hosting websites. It is not required that users use Imageshack to participate in this event.

    A vast majority of free image hosting websites have a bandwidth limit. This means that if enough people view your picture, there is the possibility that your bandwidth will be exceeded, and you image will no longer be visible. Should this happen, it is your responsibility to re-upload your image to another site prior to the end of the event.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Default merry christmas everyone!!

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with

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    Default This is my Farm

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    I take the picture and that is where I get stuck ( techno dummy) I do not see how to upload to computer LOL so I cant enter just come to my farm and do it please so I can enter. LOLOLOL I need more room my animals are cramped and all stuck out in the cold Have a heart LOL Zynga .......or just leave unmarked FV cash in Gift Box cause I cant get any and I cant do this contest ROFL> bout a simple contest like enter here. LOLOLOL

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    Default Here is mine

    I had to change my ground back to green pastures because you can't see alot of the decorations with the white on white

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