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Thread: Halloween Costume Contest!

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    Default Halloween Costume Contest!

    We want to see what you’re going to be for Halloween! From October 26th to November 2nd submit a picture of yourself (or with your friends) in your Halloween Costume to be entered in a chance to win some awesome prizes!

    Hold up a sign with your Forum ID on it and have a close buddy take the picture. (Remember, we have to see the name so we can get you your prizes!)

    Happy Halloween!

    • The FarmVille team will be selecting our top 10 favorite costumes on the 3rd of November.
    • Costumes do not need to be FarmVille themed. Be creative!
    • No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed. And yes, we can tell.
    • No flaming or insulting pictures that other players have posted.
    • Posting will end at 6:00 PM PST on November 2nd.
    • We will announce the top 10 winners on November 3rd.
    • Make sure you are original! The FarmVille team will be judging the pictures based off of creativity, effort and presentation.


    • No inappropriate content is allowed in the photos. (The forum rules still apply)
    • Please no inappropriate or revealing costumes. Any photo that contains explicit content will be removed, and the poster will receive a permanent ban.
    • The photos must show your entire costume!
    • The picture must be original. No going and getting an image off of the internet.
    • To ensure the legitimacy of the picture, you MUST hold a sign in the picture with your Forum ID. This way we know it’s you! Any entries submitted without a sign are not considered eligible entries.
    • Entries that are sent to any members of the FarmVille team via PM or email will not be considered valid.
    • No spamming of the thread is allowed. This includes any content that is not relevant to the Costume Contest.
    • One entry per person. Choose wisely! (This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.)
    • You must be wearing the costume!


    The 10 winners of the contest will receive:
    • 500 Farm Cash
    • 500,000 Coins

    How do I post a picture of my costume to this thread?
    Follow this simple guide:
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    In the chicken coop on your farm!


    Cool!!! I'll Take a Picture tonight!! Do we have to be in the picture or can we just lay our costume out? I don't like my face shown on the internet!

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    I'd like to

    "It's impossible" Pride said. " It's risky" Said the experience. "It makes no sense" Said reason. "Try" whispered the heart

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    ^^ This was taken a few days ago at a party by my uncle with a pro camera it was the best image I could get because my camera isn't great

    I provided proof that it is me below

    Me as Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix

    - Sorry about the quality computer webcam isn't great, Look closely my name is right

    Didn't read the rules properly so that is me holding the exact prop that is in the first image and a piece of paper with my forum name
    Hope it's acceptable... Please notify me if it is not
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    Default halloween Contest

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    You do need to be wearing the costume - but you can use a mask to protect your identity. You also need to hold up the paper with your forum name on it so we know it's you!

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    Can't really hold a sign with the claws. x__x
    One of my butcher bat costumes.

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    Default Cruella De Ville and dalmations

    Farm ID# 1184524356
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    Please be sure to partner with a friend and have your forum name show on paper in the image. Otherwise great entries won't qualify!

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