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Thread: Ribbons for horseshoes??????

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    Thumbs down Ribbons for horseshoes??????

    WHAT are you doing? Why on Earth did you take the ribbons away.. I cant complete missions now ... whats the point of playing??? I really liked this game, but between the glitches... the "loss of internet" .... losing money because it disappears as it shows up, and now I have to buy horseshoes with REAL LIFE cash when 2 days ago they were gift items. Come on Zynga... you're losing me here. Frontierville is becoming more agrovation than relaxation.

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    I heard its being fixed tomorrow.

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    If thats the case .... wonderful... now if they can stop Jack from rearing his ugly face on my game every 5 seconds LOL Thank You xxx

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    From another thread about missing ribbons:

    The removal of ribbon from free qifts was done in error and it will be returned to free gifts later today.


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