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Thread: how do I change my name in Ninja Kingdom?

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    Question how do I change my name in Ninja Kingdom?

    I don't like the default name I have, but need help changing it!
    Any help welcome, thanks in advance

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    Hello Franny!

    I understand that you wanted to change your Kingdom name since you don't want the default name given to you. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in the game but I can assure you that we are gathering feedback and input about this feature so we can share it to the team for future game development. You can also check this Article Link for further information about Kingdom Name Change.


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    But there are people with normal ninja names, my default ninja name is warlordl.........
    I though that there was a way in changing it since I have a friend using his own name as ninja name
    thank you helping
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    You get one shot at changing the default name when you first start to play ... before you understand what you're doing.

    The lack of a name change sucks, they should allow one name change - FOR FREE.

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    Default change ninja name

    i know that now this feature is unavailable. but i think many players will be happy if you fix it. say to change name it cost 20 jade like that. in mafia wars a player can buy a new name for 15 reward points, maybe you can add this feature.

    another feature that can be fixed is the notification setting. it's only one option: architect available. please add these option:
    - kingdom is under attack
    - troops ready for battle (ships are full)

    last but not least. change battle which now based on the trophy. this could make this game ridiculous that strong players hiding beween new players by letting their trophy gone in order to protect their gold/sushi banks. they can attack banks and resources then end the battle as a loser. other players even put the palace undefended in order to lose it. i believe that isn't the game, so it should be fixed like: battle based in palace level.

    thank you.

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