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    What is the best thing to do with the Elder Trees? Store them, Sell Them or just leave them on my farm.
    What is the best in the long run???


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    Depends on your needs:

    if you need some of the regular produce (say normal lemons to make yellow glaze) it's simpler to leave them and store or sell them when you no longer need them
    if you need some extra pruning shears in a hurry and they are not limited edition trees, selling them is the way to go
    if the tree is limited edition and/or you are full up on pruning shears best to store tem until you want to use or sell the tree.

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    I have the same question. What to do with them.I have stored mine an they are using up lots of room

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    Thank you,I just thought the elder trees may have produced more fruit or may have given more x points.

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    Certain trees like apples, peaches, and pines seem to repeat a lot in the quests. I keep enough in storage or on the farm to have 4 of each. I'll bring the ones in storage out when I need them. I only replace and Heirloom the few trees I craft with like hickory, grapefruit, & limes, etc. When these trees become elder, I sell them to get the shears.

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