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Thread: Heirloom Fruits not available for Grocer Task

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    Quote Originally Posted by JessicaJayBird View Post
    I'm SIGNED in, I even have facebook connected to this account! But EVERY time I click through to the article to click on "Fix It!" It tells me to connect with facebook (which I get) but then it tells me I need to create an account! WHY?! I'm already signed in AND my account is connected to facebook! I only have a few hours left to take care of this order and this is REALLY ticking me off!
    Have you actually created an Account on the Support Site? You need to connect with Face Book and create an Account on the Support Site in order to utilize it. It is not connected in any way to being registered here on the Forum, if that is what you're referring to by "this account".

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    Angry Heirloom Nutmeg!

    What the heck is Heirloom Nutmeg? I have looked in the kitchen, the workshop, I have bought additional nutmeg trees-what's up with this?

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    I think I might have solved the heirloom issue.

    If you go to the General Store and click on "consumables" (the tab that looks like a bag of feed). Scroll through the pages until you find "pruning shear" packs. You use the pruning shears to turn your trees into "heirloom" trees.

    If this has already been posted, sorry..... If not, don't kill the messenger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jean Turner Wolchina View Post
    What the heck is Heirloom Nutmeg? I have looked in the kitchen, the workshop, I have bought additional nutmeg trees-what's up with this?
    I read you need to buy some special ¨pruning shears¨sold in the General Store under ¨consumables¨, but the catch is that they only sell for FARM BUCK$!!!!!!! If they start pulling this kind of things, they will loose more players than what they already did.

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    Default Can't sell

    I have over 100 olives but it won't let me sell them to complete task and when I purchase a new tree and harvested it, it doesn't add to what I already have.

    Please help

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    Default Heirloom fruit

    I can see the pruning shears in the market but it uses farm cash to purchase which i don't have and won't buy. So need to find some other way of getting them
    Quote Originally Posted by Angelika Weinberger View Post
    ********************Moderator's Note******************

    Howdy guys!

    The team is aware of the problem that for some of you the Grocer order is requiring Heirloom fruits which you're unable to get. They are working to get this solved and you can use Please fix! option in the following article to help them identify the affected accounts.

    ********************End of Note******************

    I've over 300 plums and can't sell any of them for the order of the village retailer - please solve the prob. Thanks a lot

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    I have also problem with Grocer Task. Should I sell 60 Heirloom Peaches, but is not. What this??? Time is running out I don´t buy for cash
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    I won't buy them I guess we go without heirloom trees

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    Default hrirloom mangos

    I have plenty of mangos and 41 heirloom byers the grocor needs 30 heirloom mangos,i have no where to make them,yes i have check all 3 workshops very carefully,the grocor list says get it when i click on it takes me to buy another mango tree.
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    Two hours left and no fix - won't spend real cash to do it. Guess this quest doesn't get finished

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