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Thread: Trying to get collection items - this is ridiculous!!

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    Default Trying to get collection items - this is ridiculous!!

    This is totally absurd! The drop rate for the rare item is practically nil. I have 4 wrappers I can't finish because of this. I have been collecting from the animals, the road, and doing the tree, trunk, and legal watchamacallit for a week! And, those stupid 6 fiddles we have to play don't drop any collection items. Any hints?

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    For me, the Shady Contract came from the Devil's Crow and the Gold Body from the Wise Owl. The Verdict, haven't a clue. Been told it comes from the Huntin' Dog, but I haven't gotten any yet. AND for me they only seemed to drop when I had a Shearing for Shavetails activated.

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    Thanks, I'll try a shearing for shavetails.

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    Lucky for me, I`ve finished 2 of the 3 mini wrappers. I've completed the Stranger collection only TWICE!

    I have finished almost 5 of the 6 fiddles.

    But the stranger collection is ridiculous. The other 4 parts of the collection are dropping almost equally in numbers (when they drop at all that is- I get no collectibles at all from the deadwood road). You dont even get the option of buying your way out of it.

    In another thread, I predicted that I would finish doing all 6 violins before I got even 3 of the stranger collections. I'm going to stand by that prediction.

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    I did all the collections. Only have 1 fiddle done. 5 more to go.

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    yep, pretty much got the same problem. I've traded in 1 stranger collection and that is it. Don't have any of the others completed at all. Zynga obviously want their players to leave.

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    I got the verdict for the legal collection from the parcel wagon. I'm going to grow a tonne of corn over the next few days for building boosts and try to get some more. Don't we get a rare collectible from one of the kites' daily bonus too? It might be worth trying that as well
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    The Gold Body does drop from the Wise Owl using Shearing Shavetails Boost.
    I used about 10 animal boosts and got 5.

    I didn't get anything from the Hunting Dog while I was doing this.
    PS: I did buy an extra Owl.

    Good Luck!!!

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    I have used about 150 animal ready boosts along with using the shearing for shave tails and have gotten ZERO drops for the rare. I have 1/9 stranger danger collections. 1/3 of the chest thingys and 0/3 of the legal loopholes. I am NOT going to use up any more boosts and these effin missions are going to the back of the pack! I have 4 crows, 2 hunting dogs and 2 owls. This is STOOPID! I FINALLY got the Desert Willow last night after 16 of the other trees and FINALLY got Percy after 4 of each of the other 2 bugs!!

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    i had 8 crows 10 dogs and 5 owls before i started using the double drop boosts then the rare ones only seemed to drop on the second or third feeding then no more until a day later. so they are out of the way for me. im only on the second fiddle.
    ive heard the vaccine works on fiddles is this true?

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