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Thread: Basic Trouble Shooting steps

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    Default Basic Trouble Shooting steps

    Trouble shooting steps :

    1) disable secure browsing in facebook settings if it is enabled (account settings > security > secure browsing)
    2) switch browsers (try google chrome, firefox, safari -and any other browser you may have), also make sure the browser is upgraded to the latest version
    3) update flash player
    4) delete all browser cache and cookies
    5) delete flash cache ( done HERE ) click the "delete all sites" button.
    6) restart computer

    You might also want to check out the Recommended System Requirements

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    Additional tips that may help:

    1. Enable JavaScript in Google Chrome, in Internet Explorer, in Mozilla Firefox. (You don't need to do all three, but choose the one for the Browser you usually use)
    2. Uninstall (for windows) and reinstall your Flash Player.
    3. Uninstall and reinstall your Shockwave Player.
    4. And if you are using a PC, make sure your ActiveX is up to date: for Windows 7, for Windows Vista.

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