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Thread: How can I get a No-clean-fairy?

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    Default How can I get a No-clean-fairy?


    Is there a way to get a no-clean-fairy? This would be really helpful.

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    Probably not as you would need perhaps Cafe Cash as this was once given as a reward with missions some time ago

    but now lucky if get anything

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    They have generally released this every few months for purchase with cafe cash. You just have to wait, save and see.

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    It's been more than a year since the last time the No Clean Fairy was offered, even for cafe cash. I have several friends who are looking for this, but it never seems to be available. It would be nice if it was reintroduced, even for a short time, so that newer players could have it.

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    i built mine back when it 1st came out yes CW was needed but if you had half way decent neighbors that sent you the parts you needed

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    Yeah, she was build/mission reward at first. She's worth the cafe cash to have now though.
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    Given that she was originally a buildable I wonder if she's not in the buildables tab for newer players?

    If you look down at the bottom right corner of your game, you have the gift box & right above that is a tab with what appears to be a present & a shelf. Click on that & scroll through it, maybe she is there & you can still build her.

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