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Thread: Farmville 2 Won't Load/Connection/Crashing [JUNE 2013]

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    Default How???

    Quote Originally Posted by zXtreme92 View Post
    checked my control panel, security center ,Internet options, privacy,had to add,,, or what ever programs I was using, Seems to have fixed all my problems so far
    I don't know how to "change security settings", is that on the computer itself, in windows, or on FB? and if so, HOW????

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    Good for you that it works for you for me not the same old **** with this MF game so i have given up on it.For me the game is dead and blocked.A funny thing not a single f...... word from z f...... they can kiss my ass

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    If your shock wave has been updated, Go to Control Panel, Internet options, Privacy,sites, Add, and what ever else sites you may be having problems with to the allow list, I had the same problems your having and more, Everything is back to normal now, I figured it out myself

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    Default loading

    farmsville2 and farmsville are not loading in the evenings again I do not use chrome and they load very well up until the evenings around 4pm is there an issue that im not aware of or can this be fixed

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    Default Unable to load Zynga games

    I have been able to load any Zynga game for about a week. I play Chefville, Farmville 2 and Zynga Slots. I keep getting the same error message:

    This webpage is not available
    The connection to was interrupted.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this webpage later.
    Check your Internet connection. Restart any router, modem, or other network devices you may be using.
    Add Google Chrome as a permitted program in your firewall's or antivirus software's settings. If it is already a permitted program, try deleting it from the list of permitted programs and adding it again.
    If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don't believe you should be using a proxy server, adjust your proxy settings: Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings... > Change proxy settings... > LAN Settings and deselect the "Use a proxy server for your LAN" checkbox.
    Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): The connection was reset.

    I have restarted my router twice and changed the LAN settings as suggested with no luck. This is the first time I've been able to get into a help screen and this is the only type of help screen I can access.
    Please help me to resolve this issue.

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    Es inutil insistir los de zinga no tienen ni idea de problena y no son capaces de solucionarlo son unos inutiles
    yo llevo casi 5 meses sin poder entrar en mi granja y asi y todo me banean , me quitan todo lo que tenia y hoy siguo sin poder entrar
    no es eso de personas inutiles

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    Exclamation Customer Support Won't Load Either....

    It has now been well over a WEEK since I last got FV2 to load completely and/or play properly. Once in a while, it will complete loading, but then I get the "Whoops-a-Daisy" message within just a couple of minutes . . . and that's the end of THAT.

    I have done the recommended workaround, several times in fact, but to no avail. I would LOVE to contact Customer Support, but every time I try, it won't load either. I'm really disappointed. If there is a FIX for this problem, won't someone PLEASE respond to this posting -- like a Moderator -- and tell me exactly HOW I'm supposed to contact someone at Customer Support if the link doesn't work??

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    The server at is taking too long to respond.

    I've been getting this for four days now. I've spent hours reading the help, checking all the suggested's not my computer/javascript/proxy settings etc. It's something to do with loading from Facebook! I even created a second account on zynga dot com just to see if I could play there and not go through FB. I can...but had to start at level 1!
    Will SOMEONE please fix this? Can anyone ACTUALLY ADDRESS THESE ISSUES? AND POST ABOUT IT?? Did everyone from Zynga just walk away from the FV2 game? I have farm cash and coins due me. If you are not going to fix the game I want reimbursed for a different game.

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    I was having loading issues, and i think I may have a workaround.....I am running Firefox 21 as my browser, and I had to go into my FF settings, Privacy, and change my tracking settings to 'do not tell anyone my tracking preferences'. Then I went to adobe, and there is a test for the Shockwave player there, which I used, and it helped me to get it to work better (I have only had it crash once since I fixed it). I was then able to get my FV2 to load, and i could paly it for the first time in a week! I have also seen it said that if you are running FF, and are having issues with your flashplayers, you may need to completely reset your FF (ininstall/reinstall)....just thought I could tell you what worked for me....

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    k...tried all ur zynga support addresses...1 let me post...most arent available..less u pay...not goin to pay...ben 3 days...gonna give game up if not resoulved by 2 morrow...i dont need stress from a life is full of them...daughter dying is top of list...sorry im not...if i sound bitter...i play games to relieve stress...not give it...all my other zynga games work...gsn games...and facebook games...all the advertisements you have work fine...i get them....just not ur farmville 2...heres address's i tried...https.//;// they're are any monitors or brainiacs...plzzz dun...sooo dun with the lack of consideration back...or chrome cashes clean...i use windows 2 clean...1831115572...thx!

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