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    The 'Greenhouse' will allow you to store multiple harvestables in one location and harvest ready items with only 1 click! This will help you free up more space on the game board. This feature is slowly being released to our players and we do not have an ETA when it will be available to everyone.

    Upon completion and each upgrade of the Greenhouse, 2 slots will be available for free. You can unlock additional slots by requesting to your Neighbors through feed posts. Harvesting from the greenhouse will consume the same amount of energy as collecting harvestables individually.

    Upgrade Level and total slots:

    Basic: 5 slots in total (2 initially free)
    Level 1: 10 slots in total
    Level 2: 15 slots in total
    Level 3: 20 slots in total
    Level 4: 25 slots in total

    This feature can be unlocked at level 7 and there is a set of goals associated with it:

    Greenhouse Pass - Room to Grow 1 of 2
    Place the Greenhouse
    Store 2 Items in the Greenhouse
    Harvest 1 Item from the Greenhouse
    Rewards: 3 Tomato, 10 XP, 20 Coins

    Gardening Class - Room to Grow 2 of 2
    Gather 5 Sunshine
    Remove 1 Stored item from the Greenhouse
    Harvest Once from Madeline's Greenhouse
    Rewards: 2 Mixed Greens, 10 XP, 20 Coins

    Greenhouse-Grown Club - Here We Grow Again 1 of 2
    Upgrade the Greenhouse 1 time
    Cook 8 items using Mixed Greens
    Tend 3 Ingredients at a Neighbor's Restaurant
    Rewards: 2 Asparagus, 10 XP, 20 Coins

    A for Aphid - Here We Grow Again 2 of 2
    Gather 5 Ladybugs
    Harvest All Ready Items from the Greenhouse
    Upgrade the Greenhouse to Level 3
    Rewards: 2 Warming Fans, 10 XP, 20 Coins

    Below is a list of items you can store in your Greenhouse.
    Amex Tree
    Artichoke Stall
    Asparagus Stall
    Basil Plant
    Carrot Bushel Basket
    Diner plant
    Geranium with greens
    Pineapple plant
    Potted Azelea
    Potted geranium
    Potted Sunflower
    Red Pepper Planter
    Salad Bouquet
    Sedge Grass
    Soybean planter
    Star Taste garden
    Starter plant
    Sunflower with greens
    Sweet Potato Shelf
    Tomato plant
    Tofu Market Stand
    Zuccini wheelbarrow
    Cranberry Crate
    Lettuce stand

    The ChefVille game studio is working on adding more items to the storable list. We appreciate your patience.

    This is the end of the release. Once the ChefVille game studio release more goals, we will update this thread.

    Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.
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