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Thread: Official Guide - The Wedding of the Century!

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    Default Official Guide - The Wedding of the Century!

    Greetings Maidens and Lords of this beautiful Kingdom!

    The wedding of the Century is upon us.
    Help Yvette plan the perfect Wedding!

    Give us your Feedback!

    Quest 1: Save the Date

    Help Rafael and Yvette get started on preparations!

    Quest Tasks:

    • Place the Wedding Hall
    • Tend 1 Flower
    • Fish in 1 pond

    Quest rewards:

    2000 Coins
    40 EXP

    Quest 1 (Rafael): Rush Wedding

    Assist Rafael in building the Wedding Hall early, for Yvette!

    Quest Tasks:
    • Complete the Wedding Hall and crew it

    2000 Coins
    40 EXP
    1 Weeding Carriage

    Look out for the Wedding Favor Bar at the bottom of your game screens

    Quest 1 (Mia): Currying Favors

    Help Mia make Wedding Favors as a thank-you for all the guests!

    Quest Tasks:
    • Fill the Favor Bar by crafting 4 Wedding Favors
    • Fill the second Favor Bar by crafting 6 Medium Wedding Favors

    Crafting Wedding Favors:

    Crafting Small Wedding Favor: REWARD - Wedding Flower Arrangement

    Crafting Medium Wedding Favors: REWARD - Wedding Tree

    Quest Rewards (Currying Favors)
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP

    Quest 2 (Mia): Looked Upon With Favor

    The Reception can't start until all the Wedding Favors are in place!

    Quest Tasks:
    • Fill the third Favor Bar by crafting 8 Large Wedding Favors
    • Fill the fourth Favor Bar by crafting 10 Massive Wedding Favors

    Craft Large Wedding Favors: REWARD - Tuxedo Pig

    Craft Massive Wedding Favors: REWARDS - Wedding Unicorn

    Quest Rewards (Looked Upon With Favor)

    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP

    Quest 2: Inviting Troubles

    Help Yvette get started on her invitations for that HUGE guest list!

    Quest Tasks:[/U]
    • Have 4 Invitation Envelopes
    • Craft 1 Engraved Stationery
    • Craft 2 Candles

    Crafting Engraved Stationery:

    Crafting Candle:[/I]

    Quest Rewards:

    2000 Coins
    40 XP

    Quest 3: Say Yes to the Dress

    Every girl is a little particular about the Wedding Dress, so is Yvette!

    Quest Tasks
    • Craft the Wedding Dress
    • Craft some Wedding Veils
    • Tax 3 Houses for a spare hair clip

    Crafting Wedding Dress:

    Crafting Wedding Veil:

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP

    Quest 4: A Groom's Garments

    Yvette is all set to design Rafael's Wedding Attire

    Quest Tasks
    • Have 6 Cufflinks
    • Craft a Wedding Tunic
    • Craft 1 pair of Wedding Trousers

    Crafting Wedding Tunic

    Crafting Wedding Trousers

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP
    • 1 pair of Wedding Trousers
    • 1 Wedding Tunic

    Quest 5: Catered to You

    What's a wedding Reception without a banquet? Help Yvette set up the Feast!

    Quest Tasks
    • Craft 2 Roasted Chickens
    • Craft 2 Brain Food
    • Craft 1 Wedding Cake

    Crafting Roasted Chickens

    Crafting Brain Food

    Crafting Wedding Cake

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP

    Quest 6: Wedding Jitters

    Yvette is down to the finishing touches, she's a little nervous!

    Quest Tasks:
    • Tend 5 Flowers for the bouquet
    • Craft 2 Flaming Grogs
    • Complete the Wedding Hall

    Crafting Flaming Grog

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP
    • 1 Wedding Cake

    Help Yvette snap Rafael out of the Trance Faugrimm has cursed him with by banishing Beasties and more...

    Quest 7: Here comes the Bride

    Faugrimm's got Rafael in a trance and Yvette is going all out to save him her Groom!

    Quest Tasks
    • Craft 2 Flaming Swords
    • Cast the Banishus Maximus Spell
    • Prepare 2 Charm Gloom Rat Spells

    Crafting Flaming Sword

    Casting Banishus Maximus Spell

    Crafting the Charm Gloom Rat Spell

    Quest Rewards:
    2000 Coins
    40 XP

    Quest 8: Love Conquers All

    Yvette is set to try anything she can to save Rafael

    Quest Tasks
    • Craft 2 Magic Trinkets
    • Craft 1 Iron Axe
    • Have 10 Berries

    Crafting Magic Trinkets

    Crafting Iron Axe

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP

    Rafael has snapped out of the curse thanks to Yvette! Here they are ready for the ceremony. Don't they look magnificent?

    Quest 9: Wedding Bells

    Here we go! Yvette's Wedding Day is finally here!

    Quest Tasks:

    • Craft 2 Bags of Popcorn
    • Visit 2 Neighbors
    • Craft 2 Bottles of Champagne

    Crafting Popcorn

    Crafting Champagne

    Quest Rewards:
    • 2000 Coins
    • 40 XP
    • 1 Female Cupid Hat
    • 1 Wedding Skirt
    • 1 Wedding Shirt
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