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Thread: Can't play for trophies even with all levels finished

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    Yeah, my icon's gone too. So are all my Boost/Bonus bubbles, even the ones I won earlier today, aaauuuugghhhhh!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaBellaBonita View Post
    Doing level 29 again did NOTHING
    Quote Originally Posted by scartman View Post
    I also retried level 29. Nothing.
    Please read carefully, I said last level of REGION 29.

    Quote Originally Posted by TeenaRose View Post
    You shouldn't have to reply a level to get this to work.. I am not going to play a level again just to see if it works and waste my powerups I have earnt.
    There is one level to play. And for the trophies you have to finish 100 level to gain permanent extended aim. I think, its worth it to try.

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    I am not replaying a level I have already completed with 3 stars shouldn't be necessary.. Anyway they have removed the collect trophies missions now.

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    Thanks for letting us know guys. This has been forwarded to the Studio and we'll keep you posted on any updates.
    As a note, please make sure that all levels are completed, that all traps are unlocked, and (if you're willing) that level 12 for Region 29 was replayed. Now I understand that most of you had already done it. These tips won't apply to all accounts so in those cases, when all else fails and to get you back in track, please go to our Customer Support site at After you register/sign in, go to the page for your game and look for contact options on the right side of the page under Featured Articles.

    Registering a Player Support Account

    If this is your first visit, please register an account on Player Support by clicking on "Facebook Connect". On future visits, just sign in and select your game to see available contact options.

    Login with your Facebook account information.

    Choose a nickname that will appear on any posts you make on the support site.

    Once you are registered and signed in, have a look around. You can ask or answer a question, read articles for your game, or contact support.

    For the icon missing, I have no information yet, but I'll let you guys in the loop once this is clarified. Thanks again, and I apologize that I can't give definite answers atm.
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    Sorry, I did read carefully!! but perhaps my message was a little unclear. I went back and redid level 12 of region 29 and completed it with 3 stars. Nothing changed. Now, today it has disappeared.

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    Any updates on the event? And when will there be new levels?

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    Default my Bubble Safari game got problem, when i finish WOODLAND TREEHOUSE (region 29)

    "Hi, my Bubble Safari game got problem, when i finish WOODLAND TREEHOUSE (region 29) all 12 goals, the lock still close, can not click into, can help me unlock it, thank you."

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    Trophies still not working! I have finished all Levels... only grey buttons

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    wow this happens again I lost out on the new years quest when i completed it it disappeared...then i didn't even get the next quest at all.....then as I finally finished all the levels I needed for the bubbles meets buttercup quest it disappeared.... now we have a new quest and it isn't there for me I keep saying things and I get no response from you guys this is getting really annoying especially since I pay to play your games you could at least acknowledge me.....

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    opaltiger, I would recommend that you contact our customer support team, as they are the ones that has access to your game and able to make some changes.

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