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    Minimum Mastery Star: 5 Mastery Stars

    In response to your feedback about too many goals, the ChefVille game studio will hold back this feature for a random set of players. It may get released to everyone in the future. Currently, the studio is aiming for a few weeks from now.

    This feature will be timed and have multiple releases.

    Chef on a Half Shell
    Place the Oyster Bar
    Unlock Basic Recipes by Gathering Oysters
    Harvest 10 Mixed Greens
    Rewards: 1 Cayenne, 1 Lemon and 10 Coins

    Shelling Out Flavor
    Make 5 Oysters Rockefeller on the Oyster Bar
    Serve 3 Oyster Bisque
    Place and build the Cayenne Pepper Pot (You can have up to 2)
    Rewards: 1 Bread, 1 Milk and 1 Vinegar

    Fresh Catch
    Have 18 Oysters to get the Oyster Bar Intermediate Upgrade
    Collect 8 more Milk
    Harvest Cayenne Pepper Pot 2 times
    Rewards: 2 Onions 1 Hot Sauce and 10 Coins

    Frittered Away
    Serve 8 Fried Oysters
    Cook 3 Frittered Oysters
    Make 4 Oyster Cream Dip
    Rewards: 1 Hot Sauce, 2 Garlic and 1 Oyster

    On the Half Shell
    Ask for 5 Oyster Baskets
    Cook 5 Oysters on the Half Shell
    Give 5 Chef's Service with Oysters with Mignonette (Click on customers asking for Oysters with Mignonette to Chef Serve)
    Rewards: 1 Madeline Portrait decoration, 1 Cayenne Pepper and 1 Mignonette Sauce

    Shells and Sauce
    Place and complete the Oyster Dipping Sauce Station
    Cook 2 times with Salt
    Tend 7 Onions
    Rewards: 1 Vinegar, 2 Mushrooms and 10 Coins

    Pick a Perfect Sauce
    Harvest 8 Wild Mushrooms from Wild Mushroom Bunches
    Craft 3 Mignonette Sauce
    Collect 6 more Mixed Greens
    Rewards: 2 Beef, 1 Chicken and 10 Coins

    Hot Oyster Action
    Craft 3 Hot Sauce
    Tend 6 Neighbors' Bread Racks
    Collect 5 Pearls of Wisdom
    Rewards: 1 Lemon Tree, 3 Oysters and 3 Garlic

    This is the end of the release.

    Note: The information listed above was collected prior to release. The ChefVille game studio reserves the right to change the details of this event at any time without warning.
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