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Thread: Penguin Skate Park Discussion & Guide

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    Default Penguin Skate Park Discussion & Guide

    The Penguin Skate Park buildable is here! Make your Skate Park more awesome to get more coins!

    Penguin Skate Park Official Guide

    Build your Penguin Skate Park and harvest it for coins! To get started, click the green “Place Now” button on the Penguin Skate Park popup you’ll see when you open FarmVille. You can also find this feature in the Market under “Buildings.”

    Once you click this button, you will be in Placement Mode. If you do not wish to place the Penguin Skate Park at this time, you can switch tools and go find your Skate Park in your Gift Box later on.

    Once placed, you will have these options on your Penguin Skate Park:

    • Look Inside: Look inside your Penguin Skate Park to check your progress and see which parts you need
    • Ask for Parts: Send a request directly to your friends asking for parts to build the Skate Park
    • Send Parts: Send Icicle Ramp as a free gift to your friends
    • Complete Now: Pay Farm Cash to instantly complete a building stage
    • Move: Relocate your Skate Park on your Farm
    • Sell: Option to sell your Skate Park for 0 Coins

    Building Your Penguin Skate Park

    To build your Penguin Skate Park, you will need to collect three kinds of parts: Corporate Sponsors, Snow Machines, and Icicle Ramps.

    To get Corporate Sponsors and Snow Machines, you can:
    • Post a request to your News Feed
    • Click on the feeds of your friends who are sharing these parts
    • Pay 2 FC each to purchase these parts

    To get Icicle Ramps, you can:
    • Send a request directly to your friends asking for this part
    • Give or receive the part as a Free Gift
    • Pay 1 FC each to purchase this part

    Completing Your Penguin Skate Park

    The following chart will show you how many of each part you need to complete the Penguin Skate Park:

    After completing each stage, you can harvest your Penguin Skate Park every 12 hours for coins! The more you build up your Penguin Skate Park, the more coins you will get at each harvest.

    We hope you enjoy completing your Penguin Skate Park! Happy Farming!

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    do i really want or need this? nope .. wont be building it

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    Would be more interested if it gave coconuts or jade. Get plenty of coins from other items on farms.

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    yep, that's what's great about the Wishing Fountain

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    I am nicknaming this one Mission Impossible. My posts to the feed for parts expire almost immediately. I was only able to complete Level 1, now I am making no progress whatsoever.

    On the verge of deleting it and giving up.

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    Well that stinks, but on the other hand unless you think this thing is cute it's pretty useless.

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    noe jade coins, nor coconuts = crap

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