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    Default Guide to Polar Express

    Build your very own winter gondola!

    Lessen the need for roads and collect special rewards!

    [Official Discussion]

    *****Summary FAQ*****

    What are the prerequisites for this feature? This feature is available to players level 8+.
    I built my Polar Express. Why can't doesn't it give a bonus? Upgrade your Polar Express to Level 2 and you will receive bonus area for station and tracks.
    What is the Polar Express? Polar Express and tracks can replace roads and offer a bonus to nearby businesses and residences.
    Is the Polar Express available in the Build Menu? Yes, you can purchase additional stations.
    How many clicks are required to build the Gondola Station? 6 Clicks are required to build your Gondola Station.
    What is the size of the Station and Tracks? Stations have a 3x6 footprint and the tracks have a 3X3 footprint.
    Will I need buildable materials to complete the Gondola Station? Yes, materials are required to finish building and/or upgrading the Station.
    Can I upgrade my Gondola Station?  If so, what level can I upgrade this item to? You can upgrade it one level at a time; each level will have a different amount of building requirements.  There are a total of 4 levels.
    If I reach a new level to upgrade on the Gondola Station, do the parts reset? Yes, the buildable parts will reset in your inventory each time you reach a new level.
    How many tracks can each Gondola Station accept? Level 1 station holds 5 tracks.  Upgrade your stations for more tracks.
    Is there a limit on the number of Gondola Stations I can have? Yes. The maximum is 5. You are given 1 with quest, 2 can be purchased for coins and 2 more can be purchased with City Cash.

    Step by Step Guide to the Polar Polar Express:

    • Once you have reached level 8 you will see the following quest icon and receive the associated quest:

    • Part 1 - Go Gondola!

    • Clicking on "Place" would prompt you to build your own Gondola


      Direct Request: Lift Door, Gear
      Feed Request: Mechanical Lever, Ticket

      Show me for "Steel Line" and "Clamp" :

    • Complete the Gondola Station

    • Place Gondola Tracks next to the station. Gondola Tracks should include: Straight Track, Right Turn Track and Left Turn Track.

    • Upgrade your Gondola Station to level 2

    • Gondola Station

      Level 1

      Level 2

      Level 3

      Level 4

      Removing the Warehouse will put it back in your Inventory.

      Complete Part 1:

    • Part 2 - Carried Away

      Show me for "Place Gondola Tracks" will take you to the Upgrade Gondola Station Page:

      Show me for "Increase Population" will take you to the Housing Buildings List:

      Complete Part 2:

    • Part 3 - Holiday Lift

      Show me for "Collect from Gondola Stations" will take you to the Gondola Station.

      Complete Part 3

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