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Thread: Feeding/Tending PRIZED Animals Not Counting towards Quest

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    Default My Dear Deer quest

    I am feeding adult goats but they are not counting towards my quest, please help resolve this issue, thank you.

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    I'm having the same problem with the My Dear Deer quest, I fed the 5 goats, 2 rabbits and the sheep, not updated.
    !!! also when I clicked on the Holiday tree to open the 1st gift on week 2, the
    screen turned dark and froze. zynga is soooooooooooooo slow, FB log on seems to be faster. help please if you can.

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    Default Feeding Adult sheep not counting towards My Dear Deer goal on antlers antics 4/8

    I have fed 2 adult sheep (only needed 1) and it didnt give me a check mark to count it as done.

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    Thumbs down Dairy feeding not counting towards quests

    My Dear Deer feeding 5 adult goats several times but not counting towards quest. Also in Xmas Tree decorating feeding 10 dairy is not counting either.....I have fed several cows and goats and nothing is going towards quest. The Goats are still not counting and I only have less than 2 hours left of the quest for Thermometre NOT HAPPY
    Last edited by Robyn64; 12-15-2012 at 07:13 PM. Reason: Quest nearly over and Goats not counting

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    Same here!! I'm so glad it's not just me!! Not that it makes it any less frustrating

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    Default Feeding/Tending PRIZED Animals Not Counting towards Quest

    I have harvested all the goats for the adult goat thingy but it never registers. As well harvesting my cow does not register with the Christmas tree.
    Can we get a fix for this please?

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    Default Feeding/Tending PRIZED Animals Not Counting towards Quest

    Xmas tree quest ... feed 10 dairy, I have but none have counted

    My Dear Deer quest.... feed animals, I have but none have counted.

    Also my water was only reading 20 on opening first thing

    Please rectify

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    I am facing the same problem with the goats in my dear deer. I have fed them numerous times and it still does not register.

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    Default Feeding rabbits

    I have fed my rabbits for several days now but still haven't been credited in the quest

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    Ditto for me. It seems that prized animals aren't being considered in quests. In the My Dear Deer quest, you have to feed sheep and rabbits - all of my rabbits and sheep are prized so I feed and feed with no completion. I completed the goat section because I have one goat that isn't prized yet. Please allow prized animals to count toward quests, especially now that they have a grain cost associated with them (prior to update they didn't lower your feed count, so I could kind of understand not using them then). Thanks.

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