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    These are among the many items that yield a material. Please pm me, otterlysgal, with additions/corrections. All credit goes to taz10man for all his work on this project started in the Useful Decor List thread.

    Advise Ball_ 3 Ice chunks
    Amber birch- one log
    Ancient shrine- aquamarine
    Arctic Automaton- snowy courtyard, snowy birch, snowy pine, snowy willow, snow shovel, snow pile, snowy house
    Bachelor Pad- 350 castle points, 1 random kitchen ingredient/day
    Ben's Hibernation Den- 2 energy, 3000 coins
    Blazefruit tree- 1 blazefruit, 2 Fire, 3 water
    Brew Boiler - Boo brew and other candy corn ingredients when upgraded
    Butter churn - butter
    Castleberry keg- readies ponds
    Chicken coop- fertilizer
    Cleansing spring- 5 pails of water
    Crypt - bone
    Dog house - bone
    Dragon cave - random animals or decor items, usually "gloomed" - Uses mythium
    Dragon Summoner- eliminates a beastie with one click
    Enchantment Engine - Misc. Spell and XP
    Experimental flowers- belches, grubs, bones (don't store!! There is a 30 minute refresh time)
    Fairy Den - 2 XP
    Fiery Oak- 1 log
    Fire burner- fire, coal, wood log, xp
    Flower of life- 2 energy
    Fondue fountain- chocolate covered strawberries
    Frozen cow - Ice cream
    Frozen Miner - 30 CP
    Frozen Moose - Ice cream and XP
    Giant Mushrooms (home or FairyLand)- 4 honey/beeswax
    Giant satchel - Magic bean
    Giant Trap - random animal (costs 5 saucy tarts)
    Gift-a-Pult - send 1 reputation to 24 friends per day
    Gloom converter- crystal shard
    Golden Knight statue - 160 CP
    Golden oak- 20 logs - place near trees to speed up (can't be chopped)
    Green House - 1 crop
    Gremlin Bush - Wood plank, Amber, Logs, Concentrated Mischeif, and Pinecones
    Gremlin Keystone- summons gremlin (like they don't show up on their own easily enough)
    Gremlin Palace- 350 Castle points
    Griffin statue- energy (vistors can accelerate 5 hours per click)
    Harvest plot- random crop
    Hazel’s Icy Well- pail of water and ice crystal, random snowy item
    Honeybee Home or Fairy Land- 1-6 wax and/or honey
    Horse (freed from amythite)- horseshoes, fertilizer
    Horse Ice Sculpture- confetti?
    Invocation statue- castle points up to 500
    Kringle's Magic Bag- start new present, manage current presents
    Leaf Pile - Berries, Ogre's Belch
    Magic Torch Shop- craft Beautiful Harvest Torch, Immortal Tree Torch, Magic Torch of Haste
    *Immortal Tree torch- prevents chops from destroying tree, yields bonfire bundle, XP (collect from neighbors' torches as well)
    * Bountiful Harvest Torch- Winter Vittles, XP
    Moo-dolph - ice chunk
    Moon well- moon beam, 3 pails of water
    Mummy Tomb - Sand and Bone
    Myrick’s flask- 3 mythium and another random item
    Mystic well- 3 pails of water
    Noble Mother- celestial rain, cow pies, log- when fully built
    Pet Yeti- ice chunk
    Phoenix Nest- start new phoenix, check on current phoenixes
    Phoenix nest- start new phoenix, manage current phoenixes
    Pirate's Tavern- bubbly grog
    Pixie Kettle- energy, coins, xp, hypercraft potion
    Pot bellied stove - reputation
    Pot of Gold- up to 3000 coins
    Rabbit hutch- fertilizer
    Rifting Scepters- (Crafted Item) use on amythite items to get mythium w/o expending energy. See Beacon of happiness below
    * Large amythite rocks are prone to give 4 mythium for 3 sceptors
    Scepter Parts Machine- amber
    Seed Sprouter- starts noble trees
    Serve Money tree- 5 crowns then 2500 coins daily
    Skippy - 2xp + poop (super tiny rock that can accelerate mines)
    Star-crossed Telescope- up to 10 xp
    Stonehenge- doubles XP when activated; party rewards, crafted XP items and expired torches count.
    Super pump- 3 pails of water
    Sweet Inspiration- rainbow feather and butterscotch
    Sylphie's House - 2 xp
    Torching post- repeated 2xp if dragon pet out
    Tree of Love- 1 log
    Viking mining camp- fiery runes
    Water trough- speeds animals 10%
    Whimsy Willow-gives 1 log and 1 xp (can't be chopped down)

    World's Largest Cake- kitchen craft ingredients, 1xp, and 500 coins. (You can hit up neighbor's cakes if they have 3 out in their kingdom without using energy if you complete your other 5 tasks first. You will gather the ingredients, xp, and coins each time you refresh.
    Yulefest Tree- 1 yulefest ribbon, wrap, xp

    Trees accelerate Golden Oak and Logging Camps (5 gives maximum)
    Rocks accelerate Mines (5 gives maximum)

    Pails of Water and/or Accelerate crops:
    Pumps, wells, moats, rivers and ponds
    Frozen pond-pail of water, bag of sand, bass, shell
    Infinity fish bowl- pail of water, bag of sand, bass, shells
    Pond, any kind- pail of water, sand, bass, shells
    Tidal pool- pail of water, bag of sand, bass, shell, pearl
    Winter fish basin- pail of water, bag of sand, bass, shell
    Moon well- moon beam, 3 pails of water/day
    Mystic well- 3 pails of water/6 hours
    Super Pump- 3 pails of water/day
    Hazel’s Icy Well- pail of water and ice crystal, random snowy item/day

    Courtyards- accelerate crafting buildings, add coins to royal buildings and houses

    Blue Phoenix line - Ice chunk, Rep, XP
    Red Phoenix line - Coal, Rep, XP
    Owl Spirit- 1 log and/or plank/day
    Gargoyle Spirit- 1 stone and/or stone block/day

    Guardian Trees
    Spike: silver ore, Iron ore, log
    Rocky: water, log
    Elemental Trees
    Ice: Pail of water, log
    Fire: Ice chunk and/or pail of water, log
    Light: Pail of water, Ice chunk, log

    Courage- potions and weapons
    Creativity- crafting supplies
    Friendship- reputation
    Generosity- coins
    Happiness- 5 energy/mythium
    Hope –gems, etc
    Wisdom- xp
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    This is very helpful. I knew most of it, and I just discovered yesterday that I can use my Rifting Sceptors in neighbors kingdoms and it doesn't use energy.

    I wish there was a way to advise new players to check out the forums and get all of the useful information here.

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    Thanks for pointing that out, Laurie. I didn't know about using the Rifting Sceptors on neighbor's places and my sister is gonna be so happy when she sees land clearing finally since she is so behind

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    Great list! Thank you.

    The Sweet Inspiration also gives ogre's belch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claudia2567 View Post
    Thanks for pointing that out, Laurie. I didn't know about using the Rifting Sceptors on neighbor's places and my sister is gonna be so happy when she sees land clearing finally since she is so behind
    I just tested this with my husband to see what happens. It did not use my energy in his kingdom for me to use a rifting scepter, and I did get the mythium and appeared the clear the rock, however when he accepted my help it did not actually clear the rock or even show that I went over there. It only showed the actions that used energy. So, it's helpful for you if you need to get mythium and don't have any more of those type of rocks or trees in your own kingdom, but it won't help your neighbor clear them.

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    The Advice Ball from Hazel's Advice quest gives ice chunks (3 I think)
    Daily Player - 1000+ MS and counting


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    Great list, thanks! I do not have a fondue fountain - where did they come from?

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    Keeping it current
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    Valentines Horse give fertilizer when you feed it. You can buy it for 15 charmstones in the charmstone market.


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