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Thread: Farmville 2 Farm of The Week Event! - 12/14/12

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    Default Farmville 2 Farm of The Week Event! - 12/14/12

    We know that FarmVille 2 players are some of the most creative and imaginative folks around. We think it's time that our most talented farmers get the recognition they deserve!

    Please submit a picture of your Farm for a chance to be this week's featured Farm of the Week! Our winning Farms will be displayed on the Official FarmVille 2 Fan Page and our winners will receive 100 Farm Bucks.

    Do you have what it takes to create the next Farm of the Week? Show us what you've got, Folks!


    • The Farm of the Week event will be held on a weekly basis.
    • Farms do not have to have any specific "theme" to win. Just show us your best work!
    • Every Friday an official thread will be posted for users to submit entries.
    • For your entry to be eligible, it must be posted in this thread.
    • The FarmVille 2 team will select our favorite farm every Friday.
    • No photoshopped (or edited) images are allowed.
    • No flaming or insulting pictures that other players have posted.
    • Posting will end at 3 pm PST every Friday.
    • We will announce our Farm of the Week on our Official Fan Page every Friday.
    • Make sure you are creative! The FarmVille 2 team will be judging the pictures based off of originality, effort and presentation.



    • Please keep your entries Rated G! We cannot publicly display graphic or inappropriate content on our Fan Page, so if you wish to be a winner, keep it clean!
    • No inappropriate content is allowed in the photos. (The forum rules still apply)
    • The photos must show your entire Farm, within reason. We do not want a zoomed in picture of one or two decorations, show us as much farm as you can!
    • The picture must be original. No going and getting an image off of the internet.
    • Your entry must be an image of your Farm. No posting images of your friends or neighbors farms.
    • If you are selected as one of our winners, you must provide us with a link to your Facebook profile. These links can be sent to Lexilicious via Forum PM. (Please do not send your profile link unless you are selected as a winner!)
    • Do NOT post your Facebook User ID on the forums. Entries that are sent to any members of the FarmVille team via PM or email will not be considered valid.
    • No spamming of the thread is allowed. This includes any content that is not relevant to the FOTW Event.
    • One entry per person,per week. Choose wisely! (This means that creating an additional forum account to post multiple entries is NOT allowed.)


    Each weeks winner will receive:

    • 100 Farm Bucks
    • Featured spot on the Official FarmVille 2 Fan Page

    Happy Farming!

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    this is my farm

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    this is my farm
    greetings from Belgium

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    New to the forum

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    me to and im a bit confused lol

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    Does your farm have as many ribbons as mine?

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    How do we send a picture? I use Safari on a Mac. Have no idea how to do this. Thanks

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    here's my farm!!!!! Capture.jpg

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    I am looking for neighbors, please add me

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    I would like to enter the weekly contest next week, I am new to this forum so I am just making sure I can get the picture through...


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