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Thread: Guide for National Park - Winter Trees

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    Default Guide for National Park - Winter Trees

    Winter is here! Winter Trees have arrived in your National Park!

    Rustle up some Mystery Trees so you can unlock winter tree decorations and turn your National Park into a Winter Wonderland!

    • Once you have completed building your National Park Office, begin your quest for winter trees by clicking this quest icon.

    • Open your National Park and Select "Ask for Trees" to get your friends to send you Mystery Seedlings. Mystery Seedlings will also drop when collecting from your National Park. You can also find seedlings when friends share them through feed posts. As always, you can purchase with City Cash too! Note: Fall trees can be still be purchased from your Build Menu.

    • To finish your winter trees, request snow sprinklers from friends and collect winter fertilizer when it drops from Winter Forest Buildings.

      Winter Tree Buildings can be found in the Build Menu.
    • Be sure to Share a Seedling for a friend!

      Winter Tree Quest - Part 2

      Winter Tree Quest - Part 3

    Play Now and Start Winterizing!

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