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Thread: Design Contest - Gift Shop Items

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    Default Design Contest - Gift Shop Items

    Design and submit your own gift ideas and you could get your design IN GAME!

    We've heard your feedback about wanting more gifts in the Gift Shop, so now we want your help in designing them!

    Here are 3 categories to think about:

    1. Entertainment
    2. Drinks and Snacks
    3. Featured - this can be holiday themed, winter themed, or anything silly!

    1. Submit your entries in this forum. Your submissions can be from photoshop, you can take a photo of your idea, or even write out your ideas. Design template below.
    2. This contest runs from October 18, 2012 at 12:00pm PST to November 1, 2012 at 11:59pm PST.
    3. Top entries will be chosen by the poker team.
    4. Entries will be judged on creativity and originality.

    1. *Winners will get their design IN GAME.
    2. Your Gift will be awarded to you.
    3. $25 Zynga Game Card (equivalent to 52,000,000 chips)
    4. 50 Casino Gold so you can buy your friends your Gift!

    If you design your gifts in photoshop, here is a template to work within.

    1. How to find the Gift Shop:
    2. How to post an image:!

    *Terms of Service:
    By entering the "Design Contest - Gift Shop Items" you agree that all comments, feedback, suggestions, ideas and other submissions (“Ideas”) disclosed, submitted, or offered to Zynga shall be the exclusive property of Zynga. You also agree that unless otherwise prohibited by law Zynga may use, sell, exploit and disclose the Ideas in any matter, without restriction and without compensation to you. Zynga is under no obligation to use any submission, including the winning submission.

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    on fire.JPG on fire . for design contest in zynga hope i win. . tnx

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    for design contest.....the scorpion
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    me gustaria que cargaran esa imagen....hay mucha gente ratona jajajaja =)

    seria entrete verla =)

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    Egypt flag
    Facebook penetration in Egypt surpassed the 10 million users and there is no science to Egypt in the game and affixed will attract a lot of users and will be a wonderful addition and a move to offer poker forward (*_^) i love zenga

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    Well, here goes mine for desing contest, hope you like it as i do, something like the Zynga's Logo.... the rottweiler..

    mi logo.jpg
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    Default suggestion for gift shop items

    hello sir,
    very soon diwali is going to come (festival of hindus, in which crackles are burnt), which almost all india n all indians celebrate, no wonder where they live.
    so i suggest you to make a gift shop of crackles.
    differnt crackles burn diffrently, n its fun watching them burning.
    so u can make a giftshop of various crackles burning.

    thanking you,

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    Smile Zynga Poker Design Gift Shop Item Contest

    These are my ideas for what I think the new gift shop items should be : for the Drinks and Snacks section, I think one new item should be potato chips. For the Entertainment section, I think one new item should be a crab, not just any ordinary crab, like a very mean and crabby kind of crab. My final idea is for the Featured section, I think one new item should be a type of bear, my initial idea for the bear was a polar bear considering that I believe Polar Bears are at risk for someday becoming extinct. I also came up for some things the polar bear can do such as, when a player wins a hand with the polar bear as your gift, it will somehow like grab a fish out of the water or when a player loses a hand it will go from standing up to him falling down and lying on like his belly. Maybe these actions for it to do are a little too much or complex to create. Anyways, these are my 3 ideas, 1 for each category, 1 for Entertainment, 1 for Drinks and Snacks, and 1 for Featured.

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    270812dsc_0057.jpg..... i like Halloween so i made this one..much better if animated the smiling and bouncing pumpkin...
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    i hope zynga you will put all the hallowe gift since 2009 up to now 20012...thanks love this stuff

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