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Thread: [Guide & Discussion] Countdown to Halloween

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    Default [Guide & Discussion] Countdown to Halloween

    Howdy Pardners!

    There's so much to do for the Halloween Party this year and the ghosts are causing all kinds of problems. Earn scary rewards like the Spooky Cabinet, Ghostly Cow and the new Ghostly Candy Apple boost!

    • Gated at level 16
    • 8 Repeatable missions
    • New Sweepstakes
    • Access the mission from the Cabin or Ponderosa Logdge whice will change appearance for halloween
    • New Free Gift Crop - Candy Corn Crop - 4 hour harvest
    • New Free Gift Tree - Ghostly - 6 hour harvest
    • New Reward Boost - Ghostly Candy Apples will give you a ghostly appearance, 2x speed, and fast hands boost for 1 hour


    About Countdown to Halloween:

    The Missions:

    Terrifying Treats
    Have a Cabin on your homestead (might be stored)
    Harvest 10 Pear Trees
    Collect 10 Broccoli Florets from friends
    Reward: 10 Goodie Bags, 2 Cream Cows, 3 Candy Corn Crops
    Phantom Panic
    Gather 20 Garlic Necklaces (harvest Garlic crops)
    Scare off 4 Ghost Varmins (tend Ghost trees or harvest Candy Corn crops)
    Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
    Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Black Cat, Spooky Tree

    A Maize Maze
    Gather 15 Round Hay Bales (Tend Adult Cows)
    Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains (use the place button)
    Craft 4 Sugar Spiders
    Reward: 70 Goodie Bags, Vampire Potion, Ghost Tree

    Decoratin' with Ted
    Gather 20 Mini Pumpkins (harvest Squash crops)
    Gather 25 Bags of Candy Corn (harvest Candy Corn crops on free gifts page)
    Craft 4 Ten Gallon Hats
    Reward: 93 Goodie Bags, White Cat, Werewolf Potion

    Candied Apple Chaos
    Harvest 25 Ghost Trees
    Scare off 6 Ghost Varmints
    Craft 5 Ghost Repellent Candles
    Reward: 60 Goodie Bags, Spooky Crate, Smokey Cauldron
    Spider Snacks
    Gather 10 cartons of eggs (Feed Adult Chickens)
    Collect 20 Cupcake Mixes from friends
    Craft 5 Sugar Spiders
    Reward: 90 Goodie Bags, Siamese Cat, Halloween Crate
    Sheriff Bess
    Tend 15 Non-rideable (brown) horses
    Gather 15 Sheriff Badges (harvest Steel Forges)
    Craft 6 Ten Gallon Hats
    Reward: 117 Goodie Bags, Pet Bat, Spooky Cabinet
    Cowgirl Mae
    Gather 15 Costume Spurs (tend Adult Rideable horses)
    Release 2 Ghost Horses from their chains
    Craft 5 Cowgirl Outfits
    Reward: 120 Goodie Bags, Hybrid Potion, Ghostly Candy Apple
    (Tend Adult Oxen for Leather Vests)

    2 Wrapper Missions:

    Finishin' in a Jiffy
    Complete the mission Phantom Panic 3 times
    Complete the mission Decoratin' with Ted 3 times
    Earn 600 Goodie Bags
    Reward: 100 Goodie Bags, Ballerina Cow, Wicked Spooky Broom
    Dastardly Disaster
    Complete the mission Spider Snacks 3 times
    Complete the mission Sheriff Bess 4 times
    Earn 1800 Goodie Bags
    Reward: 200 Goodie Bags, Wicked Cute Broom, Dragon Goose

    New Crop on Free Gift Page (4 hour harvest) & New Tree (6 hour harvest):


    This thread is devoted to the discussion of THIS event only (if you have question about other game related events/issues/etc., please post in the appropriate thread.) Feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading over the guide we've provided above.

    **Play Now!**

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    Today's feature! We'll be ramping it in a bit. The first of a couple of Halloween goodies throughout the month.

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    Can't we do one mission without all the crafting??????????????? Zynga is so greedy for horse shoe sales!

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    Ugh.....we just had a repeat mission and now another one. I know people who are still working on the cattle drive. Really not looking forward to this one at all. Was hoping for a better mission for halloween guess not. It's nice to have a themed mission, but not one that is going to take well after Halloween to finish..
    Last edited by JenD; 10-04-2012 at 11:04 AM.

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    awww it's repeatable ..what fun guys!.....why always wrappers and repeatables.....yawn..

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    what do we use 300 goodie bags for???

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    Almost bought some horse shoes earlier... after seeing this... everything I feared and have come to loathe about the game lately I am glad I did not. Not a penny more from me. Enough with the freaking begfests and repeatables already!

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    I would enjoy crafting, if only we didn't have to ask for part of it. Or only have it as a wall post and growing something or tending something. The growing and tending animals if the fun part of the game, to see how fast you can do things by yourself or have neighbors come visit and help.
    I do not mind repeating missions twice, but 3 or 4 times can be hard for a lot of players.

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    That 2nd wrapper is as OTT as usual. 168 of this item, 120 of that item 60 drops from forges. And all for what? The dragon goose is old hat and I'm sure i have brooms from last year that never saw the light of day again. Probably not too hideous otherwise but I'm losing interest in posting for 168 Ten Gallon Crowns already.

    MIscalculated. The Ten Gallon Crown at 168 is a doddle. It is the 240 Simple Thread that will wind me up most.
    Last edited by Ivor Wartikok; 10-04-2012 at 11:10 AM.

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    soooooooo excited!!!!!!!

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