Guide Courtesy of Citizens Advisory Board
Play FarmVille 2

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  • New themed community building for your city!
  • Has a small 3x3 footprint.
  • Earn two unique buildings for your city by completing the quests!

*****Summary FAQ*****

What are the prerequisites for this feature? This feature is available to players level 10+. If you are level 10 or above, you will receive the quest associated with FarmVille 2 and be able to place the FarmVille Produce Truck from there.
What is the FarmVille Produce Truck? The FarmVille Produce Truck is a community building that will change it's appearance as you level up in FarmVille 2!
Where can this be placed? The FarmVille Produce Truck can be placed in any part of your city (but it does not give DT value).
Is the FarmVille Produce Truck available in the Build Menu? No. It can only be placed through the associated quest and is not for purchase in the Build Menu.
How many clicks are required to build? Once placed, 5 clicks are required to finish the build.
What is the size of the FarmVille Produce Truck? This feature has a footprint of 3x3.
Can I store the FarmVille Produce Truck in my warehouse?
Can I delete it?
This cannot be stored in warehouse. If you delete truck, it will go into your inventory. Note: It will require 5 clicks to rebuild.
Will I need buildable materials to complete the FarmVille Produce Truck? No.
Can I upgrade the FarmVille Produce Truck? If so, what level can I upgrade this item to? Yes, the FarmVille Produce Truck can be upgraded! There are 3 levels in total.
Will I see visual changes when upgrading? Yes!

Building Yours

  • If you are level 10 and above you will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your FarmVille Produce Truck:

(right side)

(left side)

  • Clicking on the "Place" button will allow you to place and then start building your FarmVille Produce Truck

Parts 2-4 of Quest:

Upgrade your FarmVille Produce Truck as you level up in FarmVille 2!

  • As you level up in FarmVille 2 you will notice that the FarmVille Produce Truck will have the familiar hammer above it in CityVille! Click on the hammer to upgrade your truck to the next level. Keep on playing FarmVille 2 so you can keep leveling up your truck in CityVille!

Check it out and play CityVille today!