(5 Weeks, Repeatable)

Every wonder what your perfect job might be? Play the Perfect Job feature on FarmVille and have your friends vote to create a unique personality profile for you—and get a very cool new workplace tailored to the style that fits you!

When you load FarmVille, a window will pop up, prompting you to place the foundation of your new workplace:

Clicking on “Place Now” puts you in placement mode, and the foundation will appear illuminated. If you do not wish to place the foundation at this time, you can always switch tools and get out of Placement Mode. The foundation to your workplace will go into your Gift Box where you can access it later.

NOTE: You can place a Workplace on more than one farm, but its progress will be the same as any Workplaces placed on other farms. So, for example, a Workplace placed in Lighthouse Cove would automatically be at the same stage as one placed on your Home Farm. Please also note that you can only place one Workplace for each farm.

Once placed, click on the foundation to see these three options:
  • Look Inside – Opens the Perfect Job feature
  • Move – Move your foundation elsewhere on your farm
  • Sell – Option to sell your foundation for 0 coins

Looking Inside

When you look inside the Perfect Job window, you will see the following:
  • Progress: How many stages of this challenge you have completed
  • Question: The question open for your friends to vote on
  • Answers/Prizes: The two answers your friends can choose from, and the prizes you can earn based on which one they pick
  • Ask for Votes: Click to post the question to your news feed and give your friends the chance to vote on the answer

Advancing in the Perfect Job Challenge

  • There are 12 total stages in this challenge.
  • Each new stage becomes available after a few days. You can pay Farm Cash to unlock stages early.
  • Complete each stage by gathering votes from your friends, or paying FC to complete.
  • Your Workplace grows closer and closer to completion after each question.

Questions and Prizes
Below are the questions and the corresponding items you can earn based on what your friends answer:

Completing Your Profile

When you complete 12 questions, you unlock two things:
  • A personality profile, matching your personality to your Perfect Job, along with a Workplace Building you can place on your Farm.
  • A mystery dart, which you can share with your friends.

NOTE: You can replay this feature after you complete all the questions to try and win other prizes. Unlike previous similar features, the Workplace you get can change styles when you replay depending on your profile, so if you didn’t get the one you wanted the first time around, you can try and win the other one!

These are the possible job profiles you can get:
  • Fairy Census Taker
  • Personal Stylist to the Gnomes
  • Pig Psychologist
  • Dream House Bedazzler
  • Professional Gopher Watcher
  • Dragon Manicurist
  • Tiger Dentist
  • Professional Watermelon Deseeder

We hope you enjoy this feature! Happy Farming!

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