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Thread: [Guide & Discussion] Cattle Drive

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    Default [Guide & Discussion] Cattle Drive

    Howdy Pardners!

    It's the Great Cattle Drive! Get your wrangling skills going by teaching cowpokes and rounding up cattle. Earn rewards like the Cattle Dog, Cattle Drive Banner & the rideable Buckin Bull!


    Report all *Cattle Drive* Issues Here

    • Uses the left hand sideboard
    • New crop on free gifts page – Black Bean 9 hour harvest
    • New tree on Free Gift page - Tamarillo Tree
    • 8 repeatable missions, 3 wrappers
    • 2 new collections - Cattle Drive & Black Bean


    About Cattle Drive:

    The Missions:

    Pioneer Preparation
    Gather 20 Bags of Seeds - Clear Grass
    Collect 10 Solid Posts from friends
    Sell 15 Adult Cows
    Reward: 2 Cowpokes, 300 Coins, 500 XP
    Helpin Hands
    Harvest 20 Black Beans (on Free gifts page)
    Gather 30 Thick Cut Bacon (feed adult pigs)
    Collect 15 Buttery Biscuits from friends
    Reward: 3 Cowpokes, 200 XP, Random Reward (dinner, boost)
    Gettin Gear
    Gather 20 Tough Lassos by harvesting Flax
    Gather 30 Saddle Bags (feed adult Ox)
    Craft 5 Hefty Stachels
    Reward: 3 Cowpokes, 300 XP, Random Reward (gut punch, green lightning etc)

    Cattle Coordination
    Gather 25 Cans of Beans (harvest Black Bean crops)
    Gather 80 Delicious Apples from harvesting apple trees
    Craft 5 Dummy Cows
    Reward: 7 Cowpokes, 1 Tamarillo Tree, 3 Muscle Mix

    Addin to the Herd
    Gather 30 Fresh Milk (feed adult goats)
    Gather 20 Wool Blankets from feeding adult sheep
    Collect 25 Birthing Kits from friends
    Reward: 5 Cowpokes, 2 Black Bean Crops, 600 XP

    Progress Blocked
    Gather 15 Hauling Harnesses (feed adult rideable horses)
    Chop 6 fully grown Pine Trees
    Craft 4 Clearin Rakes
    Reward: 8 Cowpokes, 700 XP, Random Reward

    Leadin the Herd
    Gather 35 Surplus Spurs(feed adult non-rideable horses)
    Collect Bonus 3 times from the Barn
    Collect 25 Trainin' Manuals from friends
    Reward: 8 Cowpokes, 800 XP, Tough Hand Tonic
    Hungry Herd
    Gather 40 Corn Feed (harvest Corn)
    Craft 6 Food Troughs
    Harvest 25 Ripe Tamarillo Trees (on free gift page)
    Reward: 20 Cowpokes, 900 XP, Random Reward (boosts)

    3 Wrappers:

    Cattle Wranglin
    Collect 20 Cowpokes from completing missions
    Complete "Helpin Hands" (mission 2) 2 times
    Complete "Cattle Coordination" (mission 4) 2 times
    Reward: 1 Crazier Cake, 20 Cowpokes, 5000 XP

    Dedicated Driver
    Collect 80 Cowpokes from completing missions
    Complete "Addin to the Herd" (mission 5) 3 times
    Complete "Progress Blocked" (mission 6) 4 times
    Reward: 1 Frontier Fritter, 30 Cowpokes, Cattle Drive Banner (collect daily bonus from it)

    Cowpoke Collectin
    Collect 225 Cowpokes from completing missions
    Complete "Leadin the Herd" (mission 7) 4 times
    Complete "Hungry Herd" (mission 8) 4 times
    Reward: 10 Horseshoes, 50 Cowpokes, Cattle Dog

    2 New Free Gifts:

    2 New Collections:

    Using the left hand sideboard:


    This thread is devoted to the discussion of THIS event only (if you have question about other game related events/issues/etc., please post in the appropriate thread.) Feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading over the guide we've provided above.

    **Play Now!**

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    This feature will start ramping in a bit.

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    Thanks Stumpy!

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    YES!! I have blueberries already planted! The first time I have had a crop planted that we need for a new mission...
    Unless you are an employee (programmer) of Zynga's and work on PT, you DO NOT know how the game is coded. If you are sick of the game do not make an I QUIT!!! thread, just send me all your stuff and leave quietly.

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    Thanks for the guide.......

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    I usually don't like repeatable missions but these look to be do-able and pretty good rewards too.. collections have pretty good rewards as well..Bring it

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    This is, I assume, an eight part mission with one part unlocked each day. Doesn't say so above - but that is usually how these things work.

    Good luck with doing number 6 four times!

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    any inventory limits???????

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    More proof that zynga don't listen to us.....repeatables and wrappers, well thanks a bunch...

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