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    Ville Fans,

    Are you ready to get in touch with The Dream and become one with the universe? Well, now you will be able to use your Flower Power Bed to take the journey! Get help from your neighbors and friends while earning XP, coins and a few cool new items added to your inventory by participating in these quests. Read the guide below to see what it takes to get in touch with The Dream! Players must be level 4 in order to participate in this quest.

    Release Notes

    Official Feedback

    To get started, once you are in the game, a message will pop up letting you know that the Flower Power Bed is Here!

    Click the “Start the Journey” green button to get you on your way!

    The first quest will prompt you to purchase the Flower Power Bed in the market, for 1,025 coins. You will need to build it, so once you have it placed you will see the following in your house wherever you placed it.

    **Note: Cash unlock prices in the guide may not reflect what you see in the game.

    Quest 1
    Perchance to Dream: You're on your way to becoming one with The Dream. Place Sophie's special bed.
    • Have a Flower Power Bed
    • Plant Pink Tulips (5)

    Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

    Quest 2
    The Inner Light: Create a Vortex to your Inner Light by tie-dying some shirts.
    • Collect Dye (10) - Ask friends directly or click on Cabinets to get them.
    • Collect Thread (5) - Ask friends directly or click on Dressers to find them.
    • Ask Friends for Rubber Bands (10) - Ask directly from friends

    Reward: 2 XP, 75 coins & Venus on the Halfshell Painting

    Quest 3
    Family Ville: Sophie says you're in a family with the whole universe now. Show them your appreciation.
    • Put on a Tie-Dye Shirt - Found under the Clothing menu
    • Collect Chrysanthemums
    • Ask friends for Zen (10) - Ask friends directly or find in the garden.

    Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

    Quest 4
    The Flower Power Bed: Finish the Whoopie-Pedic and get ready to dream.
    • Finish the Flower Power Bed
    • Have Lava Lamps (3) - Found in Market under Living Room >> Decorations
    • Collect Big Dreams - Ask friends directly or get from sleeping.

    Rewards: 2 XP, 75 coins, & Blue Lotus Rug

    Quest 5
    Sounds of Sleep: Help Sophie make sweet sleeping music.
    • Have an Ally Soaring V Guitar
    • Have a Jam Session on the Alloy Soaring V
    • Be a Super Star on the Harmoniza Karaoke Machine

    Reward: 2 XP & 75 coin

    Quest 6:
    Little Sophie in Dreamland: Get ready to use your new Flower Power Bed!
    • Call over Neighbors
    • Cook Margherita Pizza
    • Make Flower Power Whoopie

    Reward: 2 XP & 75 coins

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