Ville Fans,

Looking to spice up your life? Well, look no further - the kissing booth has arrived! Get a little lovin’ from your neighbors and friends while earning XP, coins and a few cool new items added to your inventory by participating in these quests. Read the guide below to see what it takes to be a Smooch Extraordinaire! Players must be level 5 in order to participate in this quest.

To get started, once you are in the game, a message will pop up letting you know that Smoochfest is Here!

Click the “Get Kissing” green button to get you on your way!

A package for Madison will appear where you must place on your lot.

Quest 1
Package Pick-up: Once your package arrives, help Madison assemble her kissing booth.
  • Have Madison’s Package – Madison’s package is a collection of boxes, so ask 6 friends to see if they can help staff your business.
  • Open Madison’s Package – Open the collection of boxes for Madison.
  • Collect 9 screwdrivers by asking your friends or fixing broken electronics.

Reward: 2 XP, 100 coins & 1 energy

Quest 2
Hotness in the House: Help Madison get noticed by printing pictures of her and “subtly” hiding them at your cute neighbor’s house.
  • Snap a Picture of Madison – click the camera button to snap a photo
  • Visit 3 Neighbors – select someone in your Neighbor Bar and choose “Visit”
  • Hide 5 Pictures of Madison in Your Neighbor’s kitchen - visit a Neighbor, click on kitchen objects and select “Hide Picture”

Reward: 2 XP, 50 coins & 1 egg

Quest 3
Crushed Crush: Madison doesn’t handle rejection well. Help soothe her ego.
  • Collect 3 pretty flowers to make Madison feel better – click on any flower and select “Pick for a chance to get a pretty flower”.
  • Tell Madison some jokes – click Madison and select “Silly Joke.”
  • Ask 12 Friends for kindness – ask friends to get kindness.

Reward: 2 XP, 100 coins, 1 magic genie lamp

Quest 4
Sexy Delivery: Finish building Madison’s Package
  • Finish building the Kissing Booth.
  • Click the Kissing Booth –Click the Kissing Booth after you have finished building it.

Rewards: 2 XP, 50 coins

Quest 5
Smoochfest: Get ready for smoochfest!
  • Complete a new room – You can buy a room in the Marketplace.
  • Complete 2 Holiday Party jobs on the zPad – Click the Planning zPad to do the Holiday Party job.
  • Plant 3 red roses – You can find red roses in the Marketplace.

Reward: 2 XP, 50 coin

Quest 6:
Kiss her goodbye: Convince a Neighbor to work at the kissing booth.
  • Snap a picture of the kissing booth – click the camera icon to snap a picture.
  • Show the pictures to 3 Neighbors – click a Neighbor and select “Show Picture.”
  • Give a Kissing Demonstration to 4 Neighbors – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing Demo.”

Reward: 2 XP, 50 coins

Quest 7
Pecking Practice: Practice kissing for the kissing booth. This is the serious, don’t let us down.
  • Collect 8 lip balm – ask friends for lip balm.
  • Grow 5 herbs for fresh breath – click on a garden plot and select Herbs to grow them.
  • Test Kiss 3 Neighbors – click a neighbor and select “Test Kiss.”

Rewards: 2 XP, 100 coins, 1 lot expansion permit

Quest 8:
Let the Smooching Begin: Let Smoochfest begin, then introduce Madison to your Neighbor.
  • Call over 5 Neighbors – click on your neighbor and select “Call Over”.
  • Introduce Madison to your Neighbor – click on a Neighbor and select “Introduce Madison”.
  • Ask 12 friends for Long Stem Roses – click the Ask button to ask your friends for Long Stem Roses.

Reward: 2 XP, 100 coins, 1 energy

Quest 9:
Kissing Booth: Give Madison some private time and have fun at the fair.
  • Use the Kissing Booth to Lightly Smootch 3 friends – click the Kissing Booth and select “Gentle Smootch."
  • Use the Kissing Booth to platonically hug 4 friends – click the Kissing Booth and select “Totally Platonic Hug.”
  • Use the Kissing Booth to Make Out with 5 Friends – Click the Kissing Booth and select “Make Out With…”

Rewards: 2 XP, 75 coins, 1 energy

Quest 10:
Kissing Queen: Crown the kissing king and queen.
  • Crown a Kissing King – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing King”.
  • Crown a Kissing Queen – click a Neighbor and select “Kissing Queen”.
  • Ask 12 Friends for Truffles – click the Ask button and get Truffles from Friends.

Rewards: 2 XP, 100 coins, 1 Replica David Statue