Hey Farmers! Check out this handy new feature to help you locate items on your farm!

Once you get the Lost & Found feature, you will see a dialog box explaining how it works:

Alternatively, you can also access the search feature by clicking on your gift box:

Once you open the search feature, you can use the Lost & Found feature to look for items on your current farm (PLEASE NOTE: the feature won’t search all your expansions at once), in your gift box, or in storage. Simply type in the name of the item you’re searching for.

NOTE: The list of items that match your search appear in alphabetical order!

Once Lost & Found finds an item, you have the option to click “Show.” If the item is on your farm, it will show up highlighted.

If the item is in storage, the storage building where your item is currently located will be highlighted.

If the item is in your gift box, Lost & Found will tell you.

We hope you enjoy this feature and find it helpful!

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