Hey Farmers!

Master Lu is back in Jade Falls, this time to help you level up and master Jade Falls with his Study!

When you open your farm, you should see a message giving you the option to place Master Luís study:

If you do not want to place your Master Luís Study at that time, you can always access it later in your market for a price of 0 coins for the incomplete version, and 140 FC for the completed version:

NOTE: You can only place one Study.

Once placed, Master Lu's Study will just look like this:

Once you place Master Luís Study, you have these options:

  • Look Inside: Look inside the study to see your progress and which parts you need
  • Send Parts: Send parts to complete the study
  • Complete Now: Pay Farm Cash to complete a stage of the study
  • Move: Move the study
  • Sell: Option to sell the study

Look Inside:

When you look inside your Study, you will see three things:

  • Parts Required: See how many and which parts you need to complete your current stage
  • Send Gifts: Send Books as free gifts to your friends
  • Complete Now: Option to complete the stage for Farm Cash

These are the different parts your need for your Study, and how you can get them:

  • Send a request directly to your friends and neighbors
  • As a free gift from a friend
  • Purchase for 1 FC each

  • Post a request to your feed
  • Click on requests in your friendsí feeds
  • Purchase for 1 FC each

  • Post a request to your feed
  • Click on requests in your friendsí feeds
  • Purchase for 1 FC each

As you upgrade Master Luís study, the building itself looks more complete, but more importantly, you can harvest the structure for more ZP and Books!

Harvesting Master Lu's Study

  • At each stage of building, you can harvest Master Lu's study for additional XP and books to complete later stages.
  • Master Lu's study is harvestable once per day.
  • You can't Instant Grow the study to harvest it
  • After you've completed the final stage of building the study, you can still harvest books from it in addition to XP. Sell the books for coins or re-gift them to your friends!

Happy Farming!

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