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Thread: Guide to CityVille Games - Escapades

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    Default Guide to CityVille Games - Escapades

    Go for the gold in the CityVille Games!


    • Compete in events to win prizes and medals.
    • Earn additional rewards for completing the associated goals.
    • Be a part of the CityVille Games!

    Summary FAQ

    • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
      A: You have to be level 20+ to receive this feature and goals.

    • Q: Why are my events locked?
      A: The first event will be opening soon!

    • Q: How do I earn a gold medal?
      A: Fully complete the event before time runs out. By winning gold you will receive two rewards. Note: Each event will be timed.

    • Q: Can I earn rewards even if I don't receive a gold medal or don't finish in time?
      A: Yes! Depending on how much of the event you accomplished you can win a bronze or silver reward.

    • Q: Can I complete an event multiple times?
      A: No, you can only compete in each event once.

    • Q: When will the next event be ready to participate in?
      A: Once the previous event is completed. Note: Players can purchase early access for City Cash.

    Part 1: Participating in an Event

    1. Once you have reached level 20 you will will see the following quest icon and event icon.

    2. Clicking on quest icon will open up the associated goals and clicking on the event icon will open the event menu.

    3. You will need to collect buildable materials to complete the event. You can ask your friend for these or alternatively, purchase them with City Cash

    4. Once you have completed an event you will receive confirmation of your prizes. To start the next event you may have to wait until the next event has been unlocked. Alternatively, you can unlock the next event with City Cash.

    Now, let's build something together!
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