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Thread: Guide to CityVille Games: Opening Ceremonies

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    Default Guide to CityVille Games: Opening Ceremonies

    Gather Acts and Attendees for the CityVille Games Opening Ceremonies to earn big payouts!


    • Earn the Ceremony Hall Business
    • Chance to receive rewards for collecting Acts and Attendees
    • Upgrade yours and get RSVPs from all guests to earn the Fiery Rose Statue
    • Fun way to celebrate the CityVille Games

    Summary FAQ

    • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
      A: You have to be level 10+ to receive this feature.

    • Q: What type of Building is the Ceremony Hall?
      A: The Ceremony Hall is a Business.

    • Q: What is the size of the Ceremony Hall?
      A: This is an 6x6 building.

    • Q: Can I upgrade the Ceremony Hall? If so, will it change appearance when I upgrade?
      A: Yes you can upgrade this building. It will change appearance when you upgrade!

    • Q: How many clicks does this take to build the Ceremony Hall?
      A: This building requires 6 clicks to build.

    • Q: Can I store my Ceremony Hall?
      A: Yes, this item is storable in your Warehouse.

    • Q: What happens when I bulldoze the Ceremony Hall?
      A: If you remove this building, you will get a prompt to put it in your inventory.

    • Q: Can I purchase more Ceremony Hall in the Build Menu?
      A: Unfortunately you can not purchase more in the build menu. This item is only received through the associated quest.

    • Q: Why can't I find my Opening Ceremonies?
      A:This feature is gradually rolling out. Not everyone will receive at same time.

    Part 1:Building the Ceremony Hall

    1. Once you have reached level 10 you will will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your Ceremony Hall.

    2. Clicking on the "Place" button will allow you to place then start building your Ceremony Hall. Note: You can locate this item in your inventory or in the quest.

      NOTE The Opening Ceremony Hall does not need any crew or buildables to finish.

    Part 2: Upgrading the Red Carpet Gala and Inviting Performers/Attendees

    1. As soon as you have finished building the Ceremony Hall you will notice the familiar upgrade arrow. Click on it to start the upgrade.

    2. Clicking the upgrade icon will bring up the following screen

    3. You will need to get RSVPs from the following guests and performers in order to complete the Upgrade! You can ask your friends for these, and they will add a random guest to your guest list. Also you can purchase the RSVPs with City Cash.

    4. The Build button under each type of Guest/Performer will bring up the build menu. These buildings will also drop RSVPs when you collect from them. The RSVPs Dropped from these buildings will be random.

    5. In order to upgrade the Ceremony Hall, you will need to collect RSVPs from ALL OF THE GUESTS on a page!

    Celebrate the CityVille Games and earn BIG!

    Now, let's build something together!

    - Clerk Casey
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