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Thread: Guide to Wonder Crafting!

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    Default Guide to Wonder Crafting!

    Wonder Crafting!

    Build the 7 Wonders of the World in your city so you can get huge bonuses and epic rewards!


    • Awesome new Wonders for your City!
    • Wonders each have a powerful bonus!
    • Potentially Millions of coins as a reward!

    Summary FAQ

    • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
      A: This feature is available to players level 10+.

    • Q: Is there a timer on this Quest?
      A: No There is no timer on this Quest Line!

    • Q: How many Wonders are there to Build?
      A: There are 8 wonders in all, 5 of which are upgradable, and each one has a unique whole city effect.

    • Q: How much energy does it take to activate a wonder?
      A: You will need 3 energy to activate each wonder.

    • Q: Can I have more than one Wonder?
      A: Yes there are 8 unique wonders to build but you can only have one of each of these.

    • Q: What is the size of each Wonder?
      A: Wonders, when placed, have an 8 x 8 footprint.

    • Q: Can I store Wonders in my warehouse?
      A: No, you can not store Wonders in your Warehouse.

    • Q: Where do the Wonders go? In my main City or Downtown?
      A: The Wonders belong in your main City.

    • Q:How do I fully build the 8 Wonders?
      A: 3 of the wonders have a specifc quest line you will need to complete. These are already part of the game. For the other 5, You will need to to complete each Wonder to Level 1 in order to place it. This requires collecting blue prints to complete. You will need to ask your neighbors for these blueprints. Alternatively you can purchase them with city cash. For more informatrion, Visit the Step by Step Guide to Building the Wonders which can be found below.

    • Q: How many levels do the wonders Upgrade to?
      A:5 of the 8 wonders has 6 levels you need to complete.

    • Q: I already have the Eiffel Tower! Does this count as a Wonder?
      A: Yes the Eiffel Tower counts towards the placing your first wonder goal. If you have the Statue of Liberty, or the Great Pyramid in your City these will count too. If you have any of these quests in progress, the Wonder Map will prompt you to continue these quests instead of starting them from scratch.

    • Q: Do I need any materials to build a wonder?
      A: The 5 new wonders will need blueprints to build and upgrade. The other 3 will have their own requirements before you can earn them.

    • Q: Where can I get more blueprints?
      A: You will be able to ask your friends for the blueprints, alternatively you can purchase them with City Cash.

    • Q:Can I ask my friends for help?
      A: Yes! When you ask your friends for blueprints, you will generate a newsfeed post asking for a certain color blueprint at random. Your friends can send you blueprints by clicking this newsfeed post.
    • Q: What will happen if I delete a wonder from my city?
      A: This item will be placed again in your inventory.

      Note: If you have a Fully Upgraded wonder it will remain a full wonder, if you place again.

    Step by Step Guide to Building

    1. Once you have reached level 10 you will will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build start building wonders.

    2. Clicking on the show me button will take you to the Wonder Map where you can choose which of the new Wonders you'd like to build first.

    3. You will need to collect blueprints to finish level 1 of a Wonder before you can place it.

    4. Wonder Buildings can be found in your build menu located under the "Wonders" Tab.

    5. Blueprints will randomly drop from these buildings when collecting.

    Step by Step Guide to Upgrading

    1. As soon as you completed level 2 of each wonder you will notice the familiar upgrade arrow: click on it to start the upgrade.

    2. Blueprints for upgrading your wonder can be found by collecting random blueprint drops from wonder buildings. Alternatively you can purchase blueprints with City Cash

    3. The other wonders are placed, built, and upgraded the same way.

      NOTE After starting a new Wonder, you will not be able to start working on another one, for 7 days. Alternatively, you can unlock new wonders immediately with City Cash.

      Bring the 8 Wonders of the World to your City Today!

    Now, let's build something together!
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