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Thread: [Guide & Discussion] The Museum

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    Default [Guide & Discussion] The Museum

    Howdy Pardners!

    Teach your kid what life was like on the Frontier before the Homesteaders arrived, and learn to craft Debris!


    Report all *The Museum* Issues Here

    • Must be at least level 24
    • Learn to craft Skulls & Rock Debris!
    • 3 New Collection!
    • New Item on Free Gift Page - Sieve Station 4 hour harvest


    We anticipate this is will be a medium term feature for most players and that the difficulty level is medium.


    About The Museum:

    The Missions:

    Jurassic Frontier
    Place a Dig Site
    Craft 2 Archaeology Kits
    Build phase 1 of the Museum
    Reward: 400 XP, 400 Coins, 2 Display Cases

    First on the Frontier
    Collect 10 Ancient Arrowheads (dig in Sieve Stations to find them)
    Craft 4 Jackalopes
    Build phase 2 of the Museum
    Reward: 800 Coins, Brown Horse, Spirit Eagle

    Settle for the Frontier
    Collect 12 Busted Horseshoes (drops from non rideable horses)
    Tend 20 Adult Raccoons (on free gift page)
    Build phase 3 of the Museum
    Reward: 1200 XP, 1200 Coins, 2 Aged Salmon Boosts
    The Museum
    Collect 12 Exhibit Keys (drops from Brass Forges)
    Harvest 30 Cherry Tomatoes (from free gift page)
    Build phase 4 of the Museum
    Reward: 2000 XP, Archaeological Lawn Gnome (decoration), The Crop Whisperer book

    The Museum Building:

    Ancient Bear Fangs drop from the dig site
    Varmint Fossils drop from rocks which now are craftable

    Taxidermy Glue drops from Jackalopes

    Wikiwah Wig Wams can be dug up in the dig site

    Long Cow Horns drop off skulls which you can now craft
    Settler diaries can be dug up in the dig site
    Red Wagon paint drops from red clover (on free gift page)

    Frontier Relics can be dug up in the dig site

    3 New Collections:

    New item on Free Gift Page:

    4 Hour harvest

    Craft Debris!


    This thread is devoted to the discussion of THIS event only (if you have question about other game related events/issues/etc., please post in the appropriate thread.) Feel free to ask any questions you may have after reading over the guide we've provided above.

    **Play Now!**

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    Today's release is coming in a couple of hours....

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    Another building? This seems extremely pointless, seeing as we already have the debris dropper thing (that we also had to build)

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    Well, not that I think a frontier needs a museum, but I do like it better than a ferris wheel. I hope I'm one of the early people who get it for a change.

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    I just got a sieve station as a gift. Are you sure it will be a couple of hours?

    edit I see I can gift them already as well. interesting
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    Miss Marme, would you explain to me please how I am supposed to do this? The gifting issues have not been fixed. Oh, I can accept things once in a while from my apps and games page, but only once in a while. Customer Service can't even help me. It's very depressing and my neighbors must think I'm a real a$$!

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    has anyone gotten the pop up that goes with the misson? the library was the first, the museum is second and there is a third (building i presume) that goes with this. oh the joy! hack!!!

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    Yeah I got that. I also got some of the items in inventory. Appear to be the same. I just wonder if they are

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    WTF it isn't like there is a debris shortage, this is a useless building!!!! Heck most people already have the debris generator too.

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    I got the pop up but I cannot find the building to place...I can gift the sieves too...this is strange, it's like it's HALF rolled out?

    and in case I didn't mention "what everyone else said, in spades and doubled." Also I have over 700 skulls, I need to craft them why?
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