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Thread: Guide to the Stock Exchange!

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    Default Guide to the Stock Exchange!

    Invest your coins to earn great returns and upgrade your Stock Exchange


    • Adds up to 3000 Downtown Value Allowed!
    • Adds up to 4500 Allowed Population!
    • Great Returns on your Coin Investments!
    • Cool Bull Statue and Coffee Cart Decorations with great bonuses!

    Summary FAQ

    • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
      A: This feature is available to players level 30+.

    • Q: What is the Stock Exchange?
      A: It is a Community Building that lets you ask your friends to Invest in your Stocks so you can earn great returns on your coin investments! It also has a Downtown Value Allowance, as well as Population Allowance!

    • Q: Is this feature intended for Downtown or Main City?
      A: This feature is functional in both Downtown and Main City. However, there are benefits to having it in either! The Additional 3000 Downtown Value Allowed will make it easier for you to expand downtown, and the Population Allowed in your main City will help with expanding in your City!

    • Q: Where can I find the Stock Exchange?
      A: You will be prompted to place the Stock Exchange as part of the Stock Exchange Quest.

    • Q: Can I have more than one Stock Exchange?
      A: No you cannot. However, you will be able to upgrade the Stock Exchange for even bigger return on your investments!

    • Q:Will I be able to upgrade the Stock Exchange?
      A: Yes, each upgrade will increase your stock's payouts.

    • Q: What are the stats for the Stock Exchange?
      A: It is a 4x4 building which takes 6 clicks to build.

    • Q: Do I need any materials to build the Stock Exchange?
      A: Yes, You will need Buildables to finish building your Stock Exchange

    • Q: How can I upgrade the Stock Exchange?
      A: Once you have built the Stock Exchange, you will see the Investment Icon hovering above it. This will bring up the Investment Pop Up which will allow you to invest in 3 different kinds of stock. Each of these stocks will bring in a certain amount of coins depending on how many friends have invested in your stock. You need to earn specific amounts with your stock in order to Upgrade the Stock Exchange.

    • Q: Will the Stock Exchange Appearance change with each level?
      A: Yes. The Stock Exchange will visually change appearance as you upgrade.

    • Q: What will happen if I delete the Stock Exchange from my City?
      A: You will move it to your inventory.

    Step by Step Guide to Building the Stock Exchange

    1. Once you have reached level 30 you will see the quest icon to start building your Stock Exchange.

    2. This will take 6 clicks to build, and buildable items to finish.

      NOTE You can ask your friends or pay city cash for the buildable parts.

    3. Once the Stock Exchange is built and finished, you will now be able to start investing your money in some stock.

    Step by Step Guide to Upgrading Stock Exchange
    1. Clicking on the Investing Icon will bring up the Investing Pop Up!

      NOTE: You can only start investing with finished Stock Exchange.

    2. In order to upgrade your Stock Exchange to the next level You will need to EARN the required amount with your stock.

      NOTE Hovering over the levels will pop up the amount of coins you are required to earn before you can upgrade.

    3. Upgrading to Stock Exchange Level 3, 4 and 5 is done in a similar fashion. The more your friends invest in your stock, the more you earn, and the quicker you're able to upgrade your Stock Exchange.

    Part 2: Investing with your Stock Exchange
    1. Clicking on the Invest Icon hovering above your Stock Exchange will bring up the investment Pop Up.

    2. Choosing a Stock will invest your coins, and post a feed on your wall. This will also open the Stock Market!

    3. While the Stock Market is Open, your friends can click on your wall feeds and invest in your stock. The more people click on these feeds, the higher the returns you get on your stock.

    4. The Stock Market will stay open depending on the stock you're investing in.

      NOTE The amount of Time the Market is Open is displayed under the Stock you're investing in. And will be displayed on a pop up when you click on the Stock Investing Icon above the Stock Exchange.

    5. When the Timer is Up and the Market Closes, you will notice the familiar coin icon above the Stock Exchange.

    6. Clicking on this icon will allow you to collect your returns. There will also a pop up which will show you exactly how much you have earned with each stock!

    See your returns after the market closes! Invest your coins in the Cityville Stock Exchange Today!

    Now, let's build something together!
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    Hedge Fund

    Expand to your Hedge Fund to collect coins, materials and bonus shares for your Stock Exhange.

    • All materials needed for upgrading your stock exchange randomly drop when collecting.
    • Bonus Stock Shares randomly drop from the Hedge Fund when collecting.
    • Increases City Population Allowance

    Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
    A: This feature is available to players level 30+.

    Q: Is this feature intended for Downtown or Main City?
    A: You will find the Hedge Fund in your Main City.

    Q: Will materials be required to build the Hedge Fund?
    A: No! Extra materials not not required!

    Q: What If I have no expansion left? Where is my HedgeFund?
    A: Players that are fully expanded will find the HedgeFund building in their inventory after receiving quest.

    Q: What is the Hedge Fund?
    A: The Hedge Fund is a community building adding population allowance to your city, offering a new way to gain materials and stock shares for your Stock Exchange.

    Q: What will happen if I delete the Hedge Fund from my City?
    A: You will move it to your inventory.

    Q: Can I have more than one Hedge Fund?
    A: You are only allowed one.

    HedgeFund Quest

    Expand to area on your game board and build your Hedge Fund. Your "Show me" button on quest will help you locate the building.

    Build your Hedge Fund and Start Collecting!
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