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Thread: Guide to the Cityville Busses!

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    Default Guide to the Cityville Busses!

    Boost your favorite businesses with Brand New Busses. Bus Stops will bus your citizens between your favorite businesses in your city!

    Place and fill Bus Stops next to your favorite businesses for faster AND better payouts!


    • More Commuters which fill up your Businesses Faster

    Summary FAQ

    • Q: What are the prerequisites for this feature?
      A: This feature is available to players level 40+
    • Q: Where should I place the Bus Station and Bus Stop?
      A: You can place both the Bus Station, and Bus Stops in either your Downtown or your Main City.

      NOTE Bus Stops will only be functional in the area where your Bus Station is. You cannot have your Bus Station in Downtown and functional Bus Stops in your main City. However you will be able put both the Bus Station and the Bus Stops in your warehouse and move them between your downtown and your main City.

    • Q: Where can I find the Bus Station?
      A: When the quest starts the Bus Station will be placeable.

    • Q: Can I have more than one Bus Station?
      A: No. The Bus Station is not available in the Build menu.

    • Q: Can I purchase more Bus Stops?
      A:Bus Stops are available for purchase in the Build Menu.

    • Q: What is the footprint size of the Bus Station?
      A: The Bus Station has a footprint of 6X6. (Note: the Bus Station takes 10 clicks to build.)

    • Q: What is the footprint size of a Bus Stop?
      A: Bus Stops have a footprint of 2x2. (Note: the Bus Stop takes 4 clicks to build.)

    • Q: Can I remove my Bus Stop?
      A: Yes. You can remove Bus Stops. You will sell these for coins. Higher Level Stops sell for more coins.

      NOTE Staff does not carry over if you delete Bus Stops. You will need to restaff new Bus Stops.

    • Q: Can I remove my Bus Station?
      A: The Bus Station will return to your inventory if you remove it.

    • Q: Why can't I build a Bus Stop?
      A: You will need to completely build your Bus Station in order to start building Bus Stops.

    • Q: Why can't I supply my Bus Stops?
      A: Both the Bus Station and Bus Stops have to be connected to roads before you can start interacting with them.

      NOTE: When you place both the Bus Station and Bus Stops, you will see the familiar icon which indicates that these need to be next to a road.

    Step by Step Guide to Building

    1. Once you have reached level 40, you will receive the following quest icon. Begin this quest to be able to place this item.

      NOTE: This quest will be available in both Downtown and your Main City

    2. Find an area where you can place your Bus Station.

    3. You will need to ask friends for items to unlock your new Bus Station. These items can also be purchased with City Cash

    4. Once you are done building, you will get a prompt to Build a Bus Stop. You can build the Bus Stops by purchasing them from the build menu.

    5. Once you have completed both the Bus Station and the Bus Stops, you are ready to send Commuters to fill the businesses in your city.

    6. Some Peeps walking around your city, (especially after you've resupplied a business) will have a bus icon in their thought bubble. This means they're are heading to the Bus Stop. Level 1 Bus Stops need 10 commuters before you can call for a Bus.

    7. Once there are 10 Commuters at the Bus Stop, you can now supply the Bus stop with goods to call the Bus. Higher Level Bus Stops will send more commuters to Businesses.

      Note: The Bus will now take the Commuters to another Bus stop in your City (Hopefully by some high payout businesses to fill them)

    8. Upgrading your Bus Station will allow you access to the Higher Level Bus stops. You will need buildables to upgrade the Bus Station. You can get these by asking your friends, or by buying them with City Cash.

      Note: You will need to buy, place, build and staff new higher level bus stops.

    Boost your Businesses with Busses today!

    Now, let's build something together!
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