Crooks are stealing cars Downtown! Build a Downtown Police Station and put them behind bars!!


  • Placeable Downtown Police Station!
  • Upgrade yours for visual appearance changes and different police vehicles.
  • Catch crooks and earn rewards.
  • Fun and social game to play with your friends!
  • Ability to master then permanently catch bandits
  • Earn badge for mastering bandits!

Summary FAQ

  • Q: When does this feature unlock?
    A: This feature is available to players Level 20+

  • Q: Are these bandits an addition to the original Police Station?
    A: No, to catch these bandits you must build the new Downtown Police Station.

  • Q: What happens if I remove my Downtown Police Station?
    A: Your Downtown Police Station is sent to your inventory.

  • Q: Can I purchase more Downtown Police Stations?
    A: Yes, this item is available to purchase multiple of in the Build Menu.

  • Q: What is the size of the Downtown Police Station?
    A: This item has a 4x4 footprint.

  • Q: Can I complete this quest and interact with Car Crooks on Downtown or my regular City?
    A: Both!

  • Q: How many new bandits are available?
    A: There are 6 new bandits available to catch. Each bandit requires certain levels or number of cops on duty, so make sure to be prepared!

  • Q: How many levels can I upgrade my Downtown Police Station?
    A: 6 Levels

Step by Step Guide: Building Your Police Station

  1. Once you have reached level 20 you will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build your Downtown Police Station

  2. Clicking on your unfinished Downtown Police Station will bring up the list of materials you will need to finish it. You can get these by sending requests to your friends and posting requests to your feed, as well as by purchasing them with City Cash.

  3. Once you have gathered all the parts, just click on "Finish Building" to finish building your Downtown Police Station.

Step by Step Guide: Catching Car Crooks

  1. Once you have completed your Downtown Police Station you will receive your friends as police officers in your City on patrol waiting for premium bandits.

  2. Make sure that you have enough Police Officers on duty to catch them and they are not sleeping! To keep them awake make sure to feed your police officers Coffee. You can request more coffee by posting a feed or purchasing Coffee for City Cash.

  3. Once you have enough officers on duty to catch your crooks, collect from your regular and premium businesses and residences for a chance to find a crook stealing a car!

  4. After you find a crook in your City click on them for your Police to capture them.

  5. Once the police capture your crook you will receive a pop up stating your progress and reward.

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