Howdy Everyone!

The Pioneer Trail team has been pretty busy these last few weeks planning out the next big travel destination while delivering you some tasty features that you've been waiting for, like the Emporium and Frontier Favors. We've also been adjusting some other recent features based on your feedback regarding availability and difficulty (like lots of stuff involving Holiday Hollow), so as always we're listening to your feedback and reacting accordingly.

Some of you were disappointed in what the Emporium stored and what you could do with it. Just to be clear, the Emporium is just the first of a series of buildings where you can store other buildings. In the very near future we'll have other buildings where you can group together similarly-themed buildings, so don't worry if your favorite (or, in some cases, least favorite) building can't be stored just yet--it may be store-able soonish.

One thing that might have confused some of you in the last few months is the fact that we have a bunch of different Facebook outlets that you can Like and get news and the like. It was getting to be a bit too much, so basically we've combined everything into one fan page ( All of the useful notices and links will be there, and we'll be adding even more functionality soon. Plus you won't get inundated with a lot of news posts if you were a fan of all 3 pages in the past (and if you Liked one of them, you won't need to do anything--it's already done).

Today hopefully you will see the release of Hank & Fanny's Anniversary Extravaganza. Hank wants to have a great anniversary dinner but is kind of in over his head...

The quests that you'll need to get the Monumental Homestead Expansion (for those of you that didn't buy it outright previously) will be coming in the next few weeks, along with a railroad on the side of the homestead (on the left-hand side actually). What do you need a railroad for, you ask? Well... stay tuned Plus, Valentine's Day is coming up. Are you ready??

Speaking of upcoming features, we're looking for a cool, unique name for the upcoming "Debris Spawner". It's a buildable item that... spawns debris. Yes it's that complex. But we don't like the name. Can you come up with a better one? Visit this thread and let's see what you got!