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    Howdy Pardners!

    The energy windmill has arrived! This is a special type of windmill. Once placed on your homestead, for 125 horseshoes a week it will provide you with unlimited energy refills. Once you pay the 125 horseshoes, you will have a seven day period in which any time you click the windmill, your energy bar will be refilled. Whenever you run out of energy, Jack will appear and let you know to either use your charged up windmill to refill your energy or pay another 125 horseshoes to recharge your windmill if your seven days are up.


    Report all *Energy Windmill* Issues Here


    • Must be level 15+ to get this feature.


    Below is the loading screen you will see when entering the game:

    The popup in-game to purchase the windmill:

    When it’s fully charged the window will be lit up and the energy bolt will be blue in color:

    Post to share you just charged up:

    Reminder that Jack will give you if you run out of energy but still have charges left:

    When the week is up the lights go out to let you know there is no more energy available in your windmill:

    Jack asking if you'd like to recharge once you're out:

    The windmill will only be available for a limited time, so take advantage of this offer while you can!
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