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Thread: Release Notes: Gift-a-Pult and Additional Winter LE

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    Default Release Notes: Gift-a-Pult and Additional Winter LE

    Hey CastleVille Fans,

    Hope you are ready to spread some Holiday Cheer with your Neighbors as the Gift-a-Pult is here!

    Send Gifts to and receive Gifts from your Neighbors to help completely upgrade the Yulefest Tree. On Decemeber 25th, we have a special surprise planned for all of you and you will be able to open your Gifts! Click here for an in-depth Guide on how the Gift-a-Pult works!

    Here are the Release Notes for today's release:

    New Features:
    1) Introduced Gift-a-Pult and the Gift-a-Pult Quest Line.
    2) Added our second wave of Winter Limited Edition Items.
    3) Neighbor energy timer added

    1) Removed Blue Feathers from the Dye Kit Recipe.
    2) Tendable Royal Buildings now Glow in a Neighbor's Kingdom. Also added an Icon indicating a Neighbor Building you a Crew Member of.
    3) Increase amount of Crafting Support Buildings able to be placed in Kingdom by 2 for players Level 21+.
    4) Changed Fasteners to be Crafting by owning a Blacksmith as opposed to a Jeweler.

    Bug Fixes:
    1) Fixed a variety of display and text issues throughout the game.
    2) Players should no longer go to Page 1 in their Inventory after using an item

    Here is a List of items from our newly released Limited Edition Winter Collection:

    Please leave us your Feedback by Posting in the Official Gift-a-Pult Feedback Thread!
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