With today's update we've made getting to Fort Courage much easier than ever before. All quest and building parts are 50% off their original price, which is a big boost if you're been looking to make your way through Beaver Valley, High Plains or Avalanche Pass.

In addition we've made the acquisition and use of Trail Rations a lot easier. We've increased the amount of Trail Rations you can store in your Trail Wagon from 10 to 100 for the +1 and +5 packs. Plus, instead of getting a fresh Trail Ration every five minutes, you'll get one every two minutes. You'll also be able to use the Free Gifts page to send +5 packets to each other instead of just the +1's.

These are great deals we hope you take advantage of soon, because the Beaver Valley, High Plains and Avalanche Pass maps will be closing at the end of the year!