Howdy everyone!

Yes it's been awhile since our last update but as you might have guessed it's also been a very busy time for us. We made our transition to The Pioneer Trail and it was a bit more bumpier than we would have liked, some of which we are still trying to shake out now. We apologize for the lack of updates here in the forums and will attempt to do better in the future for telling everyone exactly what's going on.

We're happy that the majority of you played and enjoyed the open areas of the trail, but not happy that some of you are still unable to play after the original update and that the issues with hidden quests still persist even after we've issued a few updates about it. We are still working on both issues currently; loading seems to be a bit of a funky, weird system-dependent performance issue and is taking a long time to diagnose for individual players (for others this was fixed last week). As for the hidden quest stuff, we're making it so that the hidden quests should spawn when you reach the end of the map so you don't have to worry about them, but they're not doing it, so you can't progress (which is not good). We're narrowing down what's going on there and hope to have that finally fixed really soon.

As you may have noticed there have been a couple of other issues, including the ones involving quest rollbacks over a two-hour (or so) period on Saturday, and a couple of issues that popped up late last night (chicken coops, bacon grease). The latter issues will be fixed shortly; for the rollbacks, we ran a script Sunday morning that should have restored most of if not all quest progress for those affected. A bit of progress might have been unfortunately lost since the data was restored from earlier in the day (before the rollbacks occurred). It does appear to be a bit of oddness with the restoration process (some are reporting to have received double quests), which we are investigating.

As you can see however we are continuing to support the homestead as well as the trail portion of the game. Neither is going away, and new material will continue to be released on a regular schedule. Last week you saw the Chuck Wagon; this week (for most of you, today) you'll see the first of the Bank quests and later on there may be something for those of you who are romantically-inclined.

There's also a great new little feature that quite literally millions of you have been asking for that's finally coming into the game: searchable inventory and searchable collections:

We are going to be rolling these out this week so be on the lookout for them.

For right now that's about it. Again, apologies if you've had issues in the last few weeks as we are still working through them and seeing what the problem is. We may be reaching out to you personally to try and figure out what's going on.