We've rolled out a cool new feature today: the ability to sell units in the market!

Go and check it out and tell us what you think. We've also added a number of bug fixes and tweaks to this build!

  • You can now buy and sell units on the Market!
  • Beefed up the mouseover tooltips to make it easier to see what's going on in your island.

  • Altered the "Kill X with Y" military quest chains to have simpler goals.
  • Fixed a bug with the cooldowns for some gifts and requests.
  • Fixed a number of pesky OOS issues.
  • Load-time optimization for faster gameplay.
  • Brightened up Scarlett's facial expression on the Independence Week intro screen. She looked a little glum.

We know you guys are still concerned about the changes made in the last release. We are still evaluating those changes! We are hearing your feedback and will take it into account when further adjustments are made.

We'd love to hear your constructive feedback about the new features and tweaks in this release also! Please post your thoughts in this thread.

Keep checking back here for more updates—and keep your eyes peeled! We've gotten some intel which indicates that there's a new plane taking to the field in some invasions. Report back if you get any more information!