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Thread: Zynga Toolbar on Google Chrome

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    Default Zynga Toolbar on Google Chrome

    Some weeks ago I wrongly clicked on 'hide Zynga toolbar' on Google Chrome. Can someone please help me and explain how to retrieve it please....tried everything but just cant find it to re-instate the toolbar...cheers

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    Click the spanner in top right go to "Tools" and check "Extensions". If it's not there, you'll need to uninstall and then reinstall, Google Chrome doesn't like plug ins..

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    i had at least 10 tickets in last week's daily chance draw. went to check the results yesterday (Sat) and i got a message which said that i had no winning tickets in last wee's draw. thought nothing more of it. then i saw at the bottom of the page a message that said you did not have any tickets in last week's draw and to enter some for this week's draw. i'm only putting in 2 tickets. not very happy ((((

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    Thanks for that, got it back

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    I had a MW toolbar, but now it's gone! can't reinstal it ??

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    Hello Ricky, please check the following article, I hope it will be useful for you

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    My problem is on Firefox, not chrome - but...

    That Article is totally useless.

    It takes you to the links that still won't work properly.

    The issue is, for me at least, that I get it to download and install, then the install fails because it says the install is corrupted. It's been that way for several months, on several machines. I even tried using the links for the other games (like poker, which I sometimes play).

    Bizarrely, it WILL install on IE, but who uses IE anymore for games, especially since Zynga recommends itself NOT to use IE.

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