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Thread: Feedback for Summer Fun!

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    Default Feedback for Summer Fun!

    Hello Citizens,

    Please provide your feedback about this update, in this thread. We appreciate all constructive feedback.

    If you wish to discuss this update with other players or if you have questions, please post about it in the City Hall forum.

    Now let's build something together!

    - Clerk Casey

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    Default New Summer Items

    The new beach vollyball decoration is cute, but it won't go on the beach. Will the beach itself be opened soon? Right now we can't even buy expansions that include any sandy area.

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    Default Latest Items

    I don't usually complain about some items costing real cash..I understand that Zynga is in business to make money...or why be in business at all? I get it..I really do.

    BUT...out of the last new 7 items, only two use game coins...and it's a stinking tree and a sunbather. Seriously??

    Come on can do better than that.

    I've spent money on the game...and will continue to do so..when I feel that I want to spend money on something. However, what I WON'T do is spend money on everything. I don't mind paying a few dollars for my entertainment; that is what these games are for me...entertainment. I gave up playing Farmville as all the "good" stuff cost real money...and the crap was free. If Cityville goes that route...and it seems like it's going to..then I'll be giving up Cityville, too.

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    Thumbs down why make us use City Cash for all the good stuff

    I feel the same way the other writer feels. I am living on unemployment checks and it is very hard to do anything when all the good stuff has to be gotten with City Cash with all the issues I have in the game I am seriously considering pulling the game from my account

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    >Open CityVille
    >See the 'Summer Stuff' pop-up, instructing me to check out the build menu for new items
    >Go to build menu
    >All cost City Cash
    Today, "You have been awarded 1 Godfather point(s)." FML

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    why does everything have to be city cash? the only ones that aren't are little trees and stuff. there's no point in releasing new stuff cause no one is going to buy them apart from a a few people, you could have at least made the building permanent instead of 'x days remaining' then maybe if i decide to buy a game card i could get it later on.
    I don't know why you're reading this comment.

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    The sunbather & mango tree are cute. I like having a variety of trees in my city.

    The cliff house is awesome, but I will not buy it. If it were half the price, maybe I would, but not for $60.

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by Edwardbear View Post
    The sunbather & mango tree are cute. I like having a variety of trees in my city.

    The cliff house is awesome, but I will not buy it. If it were half the price, maybe I would, but not for $60.
    I totally agree! I'd love to have that house but the price is ridiculous!

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    sunbather --- ooo sunbather --- LIKE thatt cute LITTLE so little umbrella ..
    oo how i like it .. it is cute - it is SMALlу - it only 1 point took of space -- it is SOOO good -- thank you ,,

    all others -- sorry too big not interesting

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    Summer in CityVille will not fun for me if everything costs cash. I have over 4 million coins and nothing to buy. In this world wide bad economy, please help those of us who at this time do not have the extra money to buy cash items in CityVille.

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